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ERP Software For Metal Fabrication

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Metal Fabrication ERP

The metal fabrication industry presents many key challenges to an ERP system, so selecting the right metal fabrication ERP system is particularly important to this market. One key point here is that Epicor ERP/Kinetic started in a sheet metal shop over 40 years ago, and has evolved into a broad product for many industries, but it’s ‘DNA’ is with the sheet metal industry.

Software for Molding/Fabrication

Here are several of the key pieces of functionality critical to this industry, that Epicor metal fabrication erp handles very well:

  • Dimensional inventory – metal can be purchased by weight, inventoried by square inches, processed by unit with scrap considerations, nested with other products for laser cutting, formed into shapes, and sold as finished products. Tracking the evolution of the product through all these processes, and subsequently tracking costs and scheduling is key to this industry.

  • Tracking multiple attributes of raw materials as well as finished goods is critical – such as what finish, total scrap allowance, cost factors, complimentary parts (such as left/right sets of products) and ‘coparts’ (multiple parts that come out of the same mold or die) are all critical to talking the ‘language’ of metal fabricating organizations.

  • Lot and/or serial tracking – the tracking of specific castings throughout production and to various customers is a typical requirement. This tracking can be very extensive, through multiple layers of assemblies and subassemblies.

  • Reach back functionality for the AS 9100, TS 16949 or ISO 13485 compliance – this maybe required depending on the product or industry and is standard in the Epicor ERP/Kinetic product. Other requirements such as contract review are also standard features.

Contact EpiCenter ERP Today For your Metal Fabrication ERP Software Implementation

Obviously as an organization is selecting a system, being completely comfortable with the features for their industry is key, along with being able to take advantage of the deep expertise of the implementation team. Many times our experience yields best practices and methods that greatly improve a company’s products and processes.

Feel free to contact our team to discuss your needs – especially in the area of metal fabrication. This is a key market for us, and we have many successful implementation references to share in this industry.

Want to learn more? Contact us!

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