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Sheet metal, plastic fabrication, etc., are all industries that rely on the continuous reforming of materials, even regrinds. Epicor Kinetic can not only tackle the challenges that these companies face, but it can also help streamline these processes, as well.

Plants that take plastic pellets, melt them, and either coat or inject the plastic into molds, then strip the molds, regrind the scrap, and make multiple parts from the same mold present all kinds of challenges for ERP systems.

Fortunately, Epicor was ‘born’ in this kind of manufacturing environment and has amazing flexibility to handle items that are purchased in bulk by weight, can change their density as they go through manufacturing, and can end up converted into any number of products.

In these kinds of shops, the strategy of handling regrinds or recycling metals is critical to the profitability of the plant. Working with your EpiCenter consultant, you’ll find our expertise and experience will help you understand all of the possible ways we can help. 

A constant challenge for injection molding, foam fabrication, woodworking, furniture building or any similar facilities is that they purchase & process dimensional raw materials through multiple operations that alter their physical sizes.

The ability to track materials like offcuts & drops, while desirable, is easier said than done when it's a manual process and the right mechanisms aren't in place to do so.   

Epicor has always been good in the “dimensional inventory” space, but with their more recent releases, Epicor has elevated this specialty to a new level with their metal fabrication industry ERP product. 

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