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A SaaS Solution to Automate

Supplier Collaboration

Logo of Source Day, a Software as a Service solution to automate supplier collaboration

Trust Your Suppliers

SourceDay’s Solution automates supplier collaboration from RFQ to PO collaboration – all in one unified interface, creating mutual visibility and accountability between buyers and suppliers. Buyers and suppliers can collaborate without endless spreadsheets, phone calls, and emails.

The SourceDay solution comes with two-way integration with Epicor ERP (and any other ERP system) to automatically update accurate price, quantity, and lead-time data.

As a result, your entire organization has accurate, real-time data about supplier pricing, quantity, lead times, and delivery dates.

Supplier collaboration is the first mile of your supply chain. Sourceday makes it run smoother by automating communication between buyers and suppliers, integrating with any ERP system.

Key SourceDay Functionality

Streamline the RFQ process with a unified view of every supplier on your list, who responded and their best offers, so you can make informed decisions without the manual effort.

Request for Quote (RFQ)

Digitize and standardize communication between procurement and your supply chain, with real-time exceptions to lead-times, pricing, quantities and delivery dates automatically fed into your ERP.

PO Collaboration

Automatically share documents like ASNs, schematics, and bills of material with your suppliers. Ensure everyone has the latest version with tracking and alerts.

Document Control

Measure supplier performance in real-time on the metrics that matter most like price variance, on-time delivery, quality, and responsiveness.

Supplier Scorecard

Onboard users and suppliers in hours, not months with minimal IT involvement. Plus a dedicated SourceDay team to deliver ongoing enablement and support for you and your suppliers.

Onboarding & Support

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