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Custom Development

EpiCenter’s Development and Tools team possess extensive expertise in customizing all versions of Vantage and Epicor, ensuring that each solution is tailored to fit unique business requirements and workflows. Our developers leverage cutting-edge technology and best practices to enhance system functionality and drive operational excellence.

Our team is available to enhance your internal resources, not replace them. If you have internal staff with coding experience but they need advice or assistance, we can help. If you have large projects to manage and need assistance to handle, we can help. 

We've built numerous integrations between Epicor framework and other systems, including robotics, accounting, payroll, CRM, and other ERP systems for numerous industries. We work closely with our customers to develop the best solution tailored to their business. 

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Custom Development Services


Once you know the typical way your organization uses Kinetic, our team can connect various programs and inputs together to deliver fully-automated workflows that save on manual keyboard time and deliver results quicker and more accurately.

Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging the Epicor Kinetic framework, we engineer robust workflows and rules that not only enhance business decision-making but also foster intelligent automation. This strategic application reduces human intervention, gradually enhancing system intelligence for smarter, more autonomous operations. Our solutions ensure that you remain agile and independent, evolving with your business needs.

Big Data

In an era where data is paramount, our team excels at harnessing vast amounts of information to empower your business. Utilizing Epicor's Smart Forecast, we can delve into statistical trends and operational patterns. This tool is not just about data analysis; it integrates external factors like weather and market conditions, ensuring comprehensive insights for optimal decision-making.


Every business faces unique challenges which sometimes necessitate adjustments in system logic. Our developers specialize in crafting solutions within the Epicor API to achieve desired functionalities without altering the core code. This flexibility ensures that your tailored solutions are both scalable and future-proof, adapting seamlessly to new system versions.


The digital landscape demands innovative solutions that simplify operations while enhancing functionality. Our team develops bespoke interfaces and custom solutions that integrate smoothly with existing systems, eliminating the need to overhaul your infrastructure. From enhancing Epicor's interfaces to creating new ones, we ensure your business is equipped for today's dynamic market.

Pre-Built & Custom Epicor ERP Integrations

With our experienced team of developers, we can integrate Epicor’s APIs with virtually any outside application or service. Epicor’s tooling allow for bi-directional data flow and scheduled processing. For example, with EpiCenter’s Epicor-Shopify integration, multiple transactions and processes are handled between Shopify and Epicor; Parts, Customers, Orders, and Shipments seamlessly synchronize. Our team has also built multiple robust service/application to Epicor integrations including expense tracking applications (Concur), inventory to a vertical lift module (Hanel), CRMs (Zoho), and quote/cost estimating applications.

Tools-Based Solutions

Epicor offers a diverse toolkit designed to streamline operations and boost efficiency across business functions. From query builders to Business Process Manager, our tools are designed to deliver superior functionality with minimal complexity. These solutions are not only powerful but also allow for rapid deployment and integration, significantly reducing development time and enhancing operational efficiency.

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