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Logo of Avalara, a reliable, secure, and scalable tax compliance platform

A reliable, secure, & scalable 

tax compliance platform

Technology to help your business

manage sales & use, excise, GST, VAT,

and other tax types, across the U.S and abroad.

Leverage cloud-native software from a tax compliance leader

Are you an Epicor 9 customer looking for a cost-effective solution to the Avalara TLS 1.2 requirement that doesn’t require you to upgrade Epicor? EpiCenter has a solution for you! Our Avalara TLS Proxy Service is specially managed and maintained by EpiCenter for Avalara Tax Connect and Epicor 9.05. Contact us for more info.

Epicor 9 / Avalara Strategy

Protect your data with a 24/7 security operations center

Access a database of tax content, rates, and rules for 90+ countries

Support your compliance with artificial intelligence & machine learning

Tax Compliance Done Right

Automate major steps of tax compliance—all in the cloud

-Access research to analyze and make decisions about tax compliance

-Assess and estimate potential sales tax obligations

-Determine taxability for millions of products

-Classify items with appropriate tax categories and codes

-Update sales tax content for point-of-sale (POS) systems

Know Where to Register
Content, Data, and Insights products from Avalara deliver the reliable research and information needed to make smarter tax decisions. 

Capitalize on Tax Content

-Collect certificates & apply exemptions at the POS 

-Auto-validation reduces time to verify and validate

-Streamline certificate collection & speed up sales times

-Apply exemptions automatically when a valid certificate is on file to reduce credits and rebilling.

-Let customers upload existing certificates or submit information to generate new ones.

Manage Certificates
We automatically omit tax from exempt sales & manage exemption documentation

Better Purchase Experiences

Avalara's innovative, cloud-based sales tax calculation program, AvaTax, determines and calculates the latest rates based on location, item, legislative changes, regulations, and more.

Customize your tax calculation solution to pay for what’s right for your business. Use AvaTax to automatically calculate rates for many types of taxes.

Calculate Rates
We supply rates and rules based on geolocation and product classification

Simplified & Automated

Export sales data instantly with auto-populated forms


Use a single dashboard to access filing schedules and rules for every jurisdiction where you file


Remit once for all jurisdictions in a few steps


Digitally archive and store records for easy retrieval

File & Remit
We prepare and file returns, and distribute payments to tax jurisdictions on your behalf

Remove Manual Tasks

Rays of Light

SaaS Solutions for 

Small, Midsize, & Enterprise Organizations

Small Organizations

Connect with popular marketplaces and ecommerce platforms for one easy-to-use centralized compliance solution


Save time and avoid headaches by preparing and filing sales tax returns with just a few clicks


Get rooftop-level sales and use tax rates by address for improved accuracy

Midsize Organizations

Automate tax calculation to reduce the workload for your staff

Outsource part of your returns process and take back your time

Manage hundreds to millions of exemption certificates and compliance documents

Enterprise Organizations

Determine and calculate rates across a range of tax types including sales and use tax, VAT, GST, excise, and more

Access research to get quick and clear tax answers for more informed tax decisions

Simplify consumer use tax through automated liability self-assessment and improve your compliance

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