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Business Intelligence

Our team simplifies Epicor Kinetic Business Intelligence deployment with expert setup, seamless integration, and comprehensive support, ensuring you quickly realize its benefits.

Decision Making

Epicor Business Intelligence goes to the core of our mission statement: help our customers make better decisions. 

Kinetic Solutions

From the standard features of the Epicor Kinetic product, plus industry leading data analysis applications, we employ all of the tools necessary to fully meet your needs. 


During your implementation, we create a partnership and concentrate on understanding your needs and key metrics to make your go-live a success.

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Key Epicor Kinetic Business Intelligence Tools

Epicor Data Discovery

Epicor Data Discovery optimizes data visualization for handheld devices, seamlessly integrating with Epicor's advanced analytics to enhance real-time decision-making. This robust tool, part of the Epicor 10 suite, ensures smooth setup and access, with support for overcoming common challenges such as installation issues or access denials.


Our approach ensures that users can leverage the full spectrum of Epicor analytics efficiently, enabling them to tap into detailed insights from Business Activity Queries (BAQs) anytime, anywhere.

Epicor Electronic Reports

Epicor electronic reports leverage SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to offer a customizable reporting solution that enables customers to design and access their data in formats that best suit their specific needs. This flexible framework not only enhances user experience by providing personalized insights but also integrates seamlessly with Epicor's robust data management systems.

Users can efficiently create, modify, and distribute reports, ensuring that relevant business insights are readily accessible and actionable. This adaptability in data presentation and accessibility underscores Epicor's commitment to delivering tailored, user-centric solutions that support dynamic business environments.

Spreadsheet Server

Spreadsheet Server integrates seamlessly with Excel, enhancing financial and operational reporting across all key business areas in Kinetic. This powerful Excel add-in provides dynamic, out-of-the-box reports, enabling drill-down into transactional details such as invoices and delivery notes, and supports dynamic GL account ranges.


Optimized for both cloud and on-premises deployments, Spreadsheet Server connects via the Cloud Connector for cloud-based Kinetic ERP systems, utilizing Epicor's Change Data Capture (CDC) for frequent data updates and near real-time insights. It also supports VPN, multiple language options in the Excel ribbon, and ODBC connections for versatile, secure access across all live databases.

Trackers & Dashboards

The Kinetic Home Page offers a highly customizable interface that consolidates multiple widgets for enhanced data visualization and interaction, including dashboards, BAQ grids, and various reporting and analysis tools. This interface facilitates a range of functions such as ad hoc reports, graphical analyses, and real-time business monitoring, designed to support proactive business management.


It replaces traditional menu-driven navigation with a personalized, role-based portal that integrates seamlessly into core system transactions and includes real-time alerts and performance indicators. Users can also create custom workbenches tailored to specific needs, providing live access to both internal resources and external industry-relevant content, all through a secure, fully customizable web interface.

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