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Logo of One EDI Source, a division of Epicor

In over 30 years as an EDI service and software provider, 1 EDI Source provides expertise and leading enterprise EDI software solutions that give you full control and visibility of your EDI business, and the platforms to enable B2B and supply chain digital integration. 

With 1 EDI Source, you can integrate disparate systems to ensure trading partner and supply chain compliance. Let us recommend a solution that will meet both your needs and your budget.

Expert ERP

Integrating ERP with EDI has become the standard for data communication between vendors, suppliers and trading partners in the distribution industry. Adding EDI to existing back-office systems offers many benefits that increase operational efficiency and compliance with your most important distribution clients.

ERP Integration

1 EDI Source has handled hundreds of ERP and EDI integrations for distributors of all sizes and specializes in seamless integration for top ERPs such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Epicor, Oracle, Infor, NetSuite and more.

Epicor Platform

For Epicor ERP customers, 1 EDI Source is the go-forward EDI solution for ideal integration and one cohesive B2B platform for optimal supply chain visibility and efficiency.

EDI & Digital Integration Solutions 

Our EDI software handles a variety of tasks reliably and cohesively to both automate and integrate B2B transactions. Let 1 EDI Source help you assess the importance of key features as you consider the right EDI solution to fit your needs.

Fully Managed Outsourced EDI

by Our Team of EDI Experts

Rely on the 1 EDI Source experts to manage your EDI exchange and ensure trading partner compliance, allowing you to focus on your core business. MX also provides you with a visibility portal to view valuable business documents.

Logo of Managed Exchange, a fully managed outsourced EDI

Easy-to-Use EDI Solution

for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

PX is an intuitive EDI solution designed for users with minimal EDI experience. If you are new to EDI or need to streamline operations with a few trading partners, PX is an easy, intuitive solution to get you up and running fast.

Logo of Partner Exchange, an easy to use EDI solution for small to mid sized businesses

Complete Supply Chain Digital Integration

by Our Team of EDI Experts

Supplier Digital-Integration Suite integrates all your suppliers quickly and seamlessly to your business system for visibility and actionable information, regardless of your suppliers’ technical capabilities and regardless of your business system.

Logo of Supplier Digital Integration Suite, a complete supply chain digital integration

EDI Visibility

Analytics and Alerting Tool for EDI Software

IX is an easy-to-implement visibility tool that works with any EDI translator and can be accessed across your company’s departments. Full EDI insight to identify and fix issues before they affect revenue or business relationships.

Logo of Intelligent Exchange, an analytics and alerting tool for EDI software
Logo of HQX change, an innovative EDI platform

Innovative EDI Platform

Our Most Comprehensive EDI Solution

HQX bundles our EDI HQ mapping and translation software, IX visibility portal and AS2 Complete data encryption software with expert in-house technical support for an enterprise EDI platform with unrivaled depth and flexibility.

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