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3D Manufacturing Printer



Contract manufacturers produce other company’s products. Usually, they have a broad range of machinery and processes, but don’t have their own product line. Epicor is a perfect fit for this industry because, from the ground up, as Epicor was originally a contract manufacturer.

Epicor Kinetic’s design accounts for industry-specific characteristics. Since this industry typically quotes it’s work upfront, Kinetic passes that quote directly to the shop floor. That way, the job is made the way it was quoted.

Real time cost control allows the actual versus standard costs to be reviewed at any time. In fact, rules can be built to notify management when a job goes over standard, and by how much.

If there are special materials or subcontract operations, they are baked right into the quote and subsequent production job.

The flexibility of Epicor Kinetic is vast, which makes it a great choice for contract manufacturing.

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