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Application Guidance

Decisions made during an ERP system implementation have global system implications. A change in one area of the software can affect others. Adhering to Epicor’s Signature Methodology ensures we do not encounter unintended consequences.

Breadth of Knowledge

Our projects have ranged from 3 users to 3,000 users, single sites to multisite international companies, and across various industries. Our team members are all former Epicor users, able to configure every module and integration required. 

Implementation Team

In order to have a successful implementation, or any ERP project, you need to have the right people guiding you. That’s where we come in. Our expert ERP consulting team has the experience to overcome the difficult challenges that an ERP implementation can render.

Epicor Kinetic Experts

They have given EpiCenter an impeccable reputation in this area. We know how critical the ERP system implementation process is, and we have made this our top priority. When you choose EpiCenter, you choose the best ERP implementation experts.

If you’d like more information about our services get in touch today.

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Epicor Kinetic Implementation

We specialize in Epicor Kinetic implementation services to smoothly and efficiently bring you to go-live launch. Implementation is one of our strongest core competencies. To successfully implement, we call upon our years of expertise and Epicor's Five-Stage Methodology. This allows EpiCenter to deploy your Epicor Kinetic ERP solution on time and budget.

The methodology is designed to ensure a successful implementation.  This approach includes five phases that contain critical steps including project planning, business process review, system configuration, data migration, testing, and training. By following this methodology, businesses can ensure that their Epicor implementation is completed on time, within budget, and meets their specific business needs. More detailed information on this methodology can be found below.


Over the years, Epicor has made many important decisions as their software has evolved. In some cases, the basic underlying structure has changed which causes differences in the use of the data. If you are moving from Vantage (any version) to Epicor 10 or Kinetic, there is no direct path. We understand the older versions and can structure a migration strategy to bring forward your historical data to the new software. If you are moving from a software other than Epicor, we can and do provide similar guidance and analysis.  


Remaining current on your Epicor version is more and more important these days, as Epicor now limits their support of legacy versions. At the same time, if your system has been rigorously used, there are likely many BPM’s, integrations, and complexities that make the use of standard upgrade tools insufficient. We can help you remain current so your support levels will remain effective and all of your modifications remain intact.

Unique Strategies

Sometimes users are faced with business realities that conflict with technology goals. For instance, you may have a database in Epicor 9 that has been validated and can't be moved to a normal Cloud offering. EpiCenter can provide a 'dedicated' cloud instance with 15-minute Disaster Recovery. This allows you to operate on Epicor 9 in the Cloud until you get positioned to be able to accept a standard Cloud environment


Industrial Machinery



We must understand your business during the sales process to help you choose the right modules and additional products to meet your needs. We spend time with each of your stakeholders, help define their key goals & requirements for your system, and ensure the software meets or exceeds your needs.



After the high-level work, it's time to plan your implementation and define the scope of the project. Our Strategic Process Review becomes the blueprint for the project, drives the budget, and ensures everyone is in agreement. This is also when your internal team and our consultants establish roles and build their project synergy.



We setup your system with appropriate adjustments to meet your Strategic Process Review, and train your team to carry this system forward. 'The rubber hits the road’ as we work together to assess all the details needed to achieve the scope of the project. Our Project Management Center captures all of the details and tracks them for the team.



We validate your system design by running simulations of your processes in a test environment. This is done with your setup data, known as a Conference Room Pilot. This is where user acceptance testing is done to ensure everyone is onboard, trained, and understands how the Epicor Kinetic system will work moving forward.



A proper go-live is a smooth event. Typically done over a weekend, a final physical inventory is taken and loaded. The ending data from your current system is moved as starting data in Epicor Kinetic. We are onsite for the first few days of launch to aid and assist with any hurdles, and to assist with your first month-end close.

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