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Logo of Machine Metrics, a manufacturing production software provider

Harness the Power of Machine Data

MachineMetrics has developed the only solution for manufacturers that combines the innovation enablement of an IoT platform with the rapid value creation of packaged SaaS applications to both provide immediate and continuous value for manufacturers.

The MachineMetrics Machine Connectivity Platform easily connects to your manufacturing equipment - no sensors or complex implementation required - to capture production and machine condition data straight from the source.


allows you to:

(Unmute for Sound)

Collect and Standardize

from Any Machine

Analyze through AI &

Machine Learning

Take Action with Real-Time & Predictive Data

Improve Connectivity

& Scalability


Right now, over one hundred manufacturers are using the MachineMetrics Industrial IoT platform to measure and analyze the performance of thousands of machines across their global factories. Our solutions are providing these companies the necessary real-time data they need to optimize machine performance and productivity, increase capacity utilization and ultimately win more business to remain globally competitive.


MachineMetrics helps you to optimize machine performance and productivity, improve machine maintenance efficiency, increase capacity utilization, and win more business to remain globally competitive


MachineMetrics’ easy to implement platform can connect to, and capture data from, any machine regardless of brand or age. The platform then feeds this data back to manufacturers and other consumers within the manufacturing lifecycle in ways that drive value all the way from the shop floor, to the C-suite enabling digital transformation. We like to call this transformation the Analytics Journey.

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