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Connecting Dots

Orchid eBound™ is the Simplest, Most Compliant, and Most Trusted

FFL Software for A&D Bound Books & ATF Form 4473, and the only FFL Compliance Software with an FFL Attorney Backing

(Unmute for Sound)

Orchid provides firearms manufacturers with FFL technology that structures their enterprise's processes, while also satisfying rigorous ATF compliance and regulatory requirements.

Orchid is perfect for firearms manufacturers looking to evolve to a higher level of manufacturing and distribution capability, regardless of size or specialization.

Cradle-to-grave traceability, serial number tracking, and on-demand reporting are just some of the benefits for a firearms manufacturer utilizing Orchid's and Epicor Kinetic's technology.

What makes our partnership with Orchid exciting is our Orchid-Epicor Kinetic integration, providing Orchid's industry-specific functionality with Epicor Kinetic's robust ERP foundation that fills in the production gaps.

Orchid eBound for Epicor Kinetic

EpiCenter and Orchid have combined forces to deliver a turnkey, ATF-compliant solution for Epicor Kinetic that enables seamless integration with Orchid's eBound™​ bound book solution.

Orchid eBound™ Integration for Epicor Kinetic synchronizes all ATF-regulated transactions, complies with all ATF Bound Book requirements, and provides a seamless Epicor user experience.

The Solution Includes:

FFL Licensing

Firearm Master

Data Control

All Elements of an



Bound Book

Most importantly, EpiCenter clients who use

Orchid eBound via the EpiCenter connector

are protected by the attorneys at FFL Law.

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