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Tools for Shop Floor Efficiency: Epicor MES, Advanced MES, Biometrics, and Machine Metrics

Tools for Shop Floor Efficiency Kinetic Advanced MES

The "Manufacturing Execution System" (known as MES) connects the shop floor to your Kinetic ERP system. Ensuring workers have relevant and up-to-date information at their fingertips makes MES a critical production tool.

Kinetic MES streamlines and enhances shop floor operations and data collection. Contained within a simplified Kinetic interface are comprehensive tools for monitoring production processes, managing resources, and ensuring quality compliance. Advanced MES allows companies added shop floor data collection opportunities like machine connections and maintenance tracking. EpiCenter's MES integrations like biometric scanning or Machine Metrics can assist with stringent quality requirements and offer added system functionality.

Epicor Kinetic MES

Data collection starts with computers or tablets placed on the production floor. Workers provide real-time updates on their production jobs or activities. Inventory management and quality workers have access to additional trackers.

Clocking in and out with MES:

Employees will use Epicor MES to Clock in for the day – which means they will show as ‘at work’ for the shift they have logged in on. This information will feed Epicor Payroll (if licensed) or you can export it to a third party payroll system. 

Shop floor workers regularly clock in and out of production jobs or indirect jobs to track their time usage. Once they have clocked in, they can ‘clock out’ of the job or indirect activity and the system calculates the elapsed time. They can enter a quantity completed, rejected, or scrapped which trigger appropriate posting of these numbers. 

At the end of each labor activity or shift, employees will clock out. Alerts and system flags highlight jobs completed outside specifications.

Choosing Shop Floor Hardware and Kinetic MES Devices

Epicor MES runs on desktops, laptops, tablets, and other handheld devices. In many shops two or more people share a Kinetic MES terminal. The configuration and deployment of these devices is up to the customer and their needs. The Interface optimizes for touchscreen use and supports scanners for easier data entry.

EpiCenter's MES Biometric Integration

EpiCenter offers biometric scanning for employees. When hired, each employee sets up their thumbprint. The system will then use this thumbprint to confirm their identity when they clock in and out each day. 

Many of our customers in highly regulated industries use this verification process to ensure compliance and maintain quality standards. By ensuring that only authorized employees can sign off on quality inspections, they mitigate risks related to product integrity, regulatory requirements, and operational consistency. This practice not only enhances transparency and accountability within their manufacturing processes but also reinforces trust among stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

Epicor Advanced MES

Epicor also provides Advanced MES, which interfaces from one or more production device directly to Kinetic. This automatic data collection minimizes inaccurate and labor intensive data entry. Examples of such devices include CNC machines, CMM devices connected to CNC machines, and digitally controlled feeders.

Through MES, Epicor Kinetic can be connected to devices like video recording systems and measurement tools to both guide and monitor workers. Devices can help analyze workflows and help to manage movements effectively. Companies that with stringent quality standard like those in the medical device industry benefit from these capabilities.

Another tool offered by Advanced MES helps reduce shop floor downtime. Preventative Maintenance makes sure shop floor equipment is performing at its best. Automated voice and email alerts will help facilitate on time maintenance activities.

Machine Metrics for Kinetic ERP

In addition to Epicor MES and Advanced MES, EpiCenter has developed an interface between Machine Metrics and Epicor. Functionality includes automating MES data collection, capturing quantities, start times, and stop times efficiently. The connection also provide real-time visibility to managers who receive alerts about machine stoppages or quality issues.


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