Going Beyond Traditional ERP

We are a master systems integrator with an unparalleled reputation for our work in Epicor ERP, and other world class solutions designed in aiding customers to maximize their investment in software, while helping them understand the information at hand to make the most beneficial decisions.

If you are looking for a technology partner who understands your manufacturing business, with well-earned recognition and admiration within the industry, to maximize your potential; you’ve come to the right place.

Here's What Our Customers Think

“EpiCenter supported us throughout the design, conversion and implementation stages of the project,” says DeGrazia. “We relied on their strong expertise of the Epicor ERP solution to help us implement and utilize the system in a way that best suited our business.”
Heidi DeGrazia
CFO, Integra
“EpiCenter has been very good to us and was instrumental in getting us up and running. Our project manager...really understood the product, with strong technical and hands-on working knowledge of the solution and close ties with Epicor.”
Kevin Parks
Materials Manager, The Baker Company
"EpiCenter had thorough knowledge of the software and the team was a good fit for our culture. That was important to us. I'd recommend EpiCenter to other companies. Everyone there is friendly and willing to help."
Rick Foerst
Cambridge Engineering