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What is Business Intelligence?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

What is Business intelligence? Business intelligence is nothing more than the process of turning raw data into accurate, actionable information to help you make better decisions. The more relevant information we have about a certain topic, the more we can infer meaning and derive usable information. In the last ten years, sophisticated tools have greatly streamlined how to process business information, which allows non-technical users to meaningfully analyze their information to derive their own benefit from the information.

Why Business Intelligence Automation is Important

Business intelligence automation is important because with the pressure of keeping overhead down. Companies can’t afford to pay expensive data analysts to compile reports, analyze the reports, figure out trends, analyze the trends, and produce recommendations for management. All of these processes need to occur within the ERP system, on its own, and without human intervention. Modern systems, such as Epicor Kinetic, have these capabilities built in, so You should not need a third party solution if you have a robust, ERP system and smooth business intelligence automation.

What Is The Connection Between Business Intelligence and ERP?

So, what is the connection between business intelligence and ERP? Everything done in an ERP system is really aimed at providing accurate data for day-to-day transactions that are critical for business intel. For instance, when sales orders are processed, the ERP system will display the exact date and time an order was submitted, and when it was approved for production. The time between order entry and approval can be analyzed because we will know how long each step took, we can analyze it and optimize our process to save time. If we can remove even a percent of the time involved in the process, we could deliver significant benefits to our customers by providing our products faster, and more accurately.

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