Business Intelligence

Areas We Specialize In

Business Process Management (BPM)

This is Epicor's 'condition/action' trigger that allows us to alter the business processes within Epicor to tailor them for our customer's specific procedures.


Modern systems rely less on reports and more on 'real time' data presented in charts and graphs. We work with Epicor's dashboarding utility as well as several other business intelligence products.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

This is Microsoft's standard reporting platform, and EpiCenter staff can train users or build the reports for them.

Business Activity Query (BAQ)

This is the query builder Epicor uses either on its own or in conjunction with an SSRS report or a dashboard. We train users as well as build these for them.

XL Connect

This utility allows a live ODBC tunnel to be built between Epicor and Microsoft Excel. Instantly, the user's spreadsheets are updated as data changes in Epicor. This is very useful for saving time querying Epicor and then manually exporting the data. XL Connect also has its own dashboarding capabilities so transferred data can be displayed well.

Service Connect

Epicor's 'go to' product for years, this allowed us to build routines to mimic complex business processes. We can develop these as well as convert them into updated routines for Epicor 10 and beyond.

Data Import or Export

This is a critical activity for most implementations and we have extensive experience with various systems, languages, and preprocessing to ensure the data is properly imported or exported, including work with very large databases.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

We are skilled in all aspects of EDI and their integration to Epicor's 'Demand Management' system.

Data Conversion

One of our specialties - when clients are moving data from one or more systems, and the data needs to be 'scrubbed' so it is accurate and relevant, we work with the Data Migration Tool (DMT) and other programs to ensure the legacy information gets posted into Epicor.

Reports, Queries & Dashboards

Having the right information at your fingertips makes all the difference. Leverage our experience to access best practices for manipulating data, developing reports, writing queries, creating updatable dashboards, setting up EDI, or getting executive information out via a tablet or cellphone.

Business Intelligence is key to any implementation project. Let’s talk soon about your business intelligence needs. Together, we’ll increase productivity, improve customer service, streamline budgeting and planning, optimize cash flow and profitability, and increase informed decision making.