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ERP Implementation: What You Need To Know About Implementing Your ERP System

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

ERP Implementation is the most critical project you’ll take on for the next 10-20 years of your company. This sounds rather incredible, but it’s absolutely true. It’s true because the system you are implementing will frame how you organize your business, keep score, maintain critical information, and provide efficiencies that will yield significant ‘payback’ for many years.

Those who don’t take this seriously will likely make a half-hearted attempt, not get into the details, and likely the new system won’t be any better than whatever they had before.

ERP Implementation is like buying a new house. Imagine you’ve been living in an outdated small ranch with a one-car garage and no cellar. Yes, you were able to live there, but there were many awkward aspects of a small kitchen and no storage space. As your family grows, its demands increase, and when they become teenagers or young adults, you will need more room and better features.

So, you have searched everywhere you can, documented your requirements, and picked out a new house. It has a three-car garage, bedrooms for everyone, a spacious cellar, and a full-service kitchen.

Now, it’s time to move in….but where do you put things? Items in a storage shed can now be stored in the cellar, and you’ll want to build some shelves and a workbench for your tools. In the kitchen, where should the plates and silverware be stored? There’s now room for all of your small electric appliances, so they don’t have to be held in the boxes they came in, stacked in the hallway.

What Are the Different ERP Implementation Phases

These are the main ERP implementation phases, you’ll need to explore the new system, including taking tutorials and working with knowledgeable implementation experts to fully understand all of the options and how to make the best choices for your organization. This is a two-way street – you explaining your needs and listening to the various options. Some of the learning you’ll do will involve ‘best practices’ that are built into the software – suggestions on the best way to handle various needs.

During the ERP implementation phases, you’ll want to spend as much time as you can working in the new system, practicing with various kinds of data, and working out how your transactions will be processed. As you come up with questions, your implementation consultants should have a solid understanding of your needs and how to get them accomplished in the new system.

As you near the end of the ERP implementation phases, you’ll perform controlled ‘pilot’ system processes to ensure that everything you need will work well. Part of this is identifying 20 or 30 transactions that are representative of 95% of your needs. If the new system can handle all these, it should handle virtually anything you will encounter.

And, when it comes time for ‘go live’, it really should be a ‘non-event.’ If you’ve done all your homework properly, you’ll be confident in how everything will be done, and things should run smoothly.

A Successful ERP Implementation Should Be Easy

Of course, this is a simplified version of what will happen – but the theme is the same – there shouldn’t be surprises, and preparation is the key. It’s vital that you and your team take the time needed to plan and understand the new system properly. When the implementers walk out the door – it’s your system. Take ownership as early as you can, and you’ll get the maximum benefits as well as a successful ERP implementation.

EpiCenter is There For For All of Your ERP System Implementation Needs

We at EpiCenter have spent many years honing our craft and have done over 700 implementations and significant projects. This gives us a great perspective and the ability to bring our experience to you. We follow Epicor’s Signature Methodology and combine that with our years of experience to help you have the best possible results. Feel free to talk to our customers & contact us today or fill out the form below to meet with our implementation team. You will want to be completely comfortable with them before you start.

Congratulations on making this major decision; we look forward to assisting you at every step along this journey!

Want to learn more? Contact us!

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