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Jeff-g-training-room-2Anyone can read about all of the great things that an Epicor application has to offer, but we can actually teach you through hands-on training how to use your Epicor solution. With a team of masterful educators who have been in the computer application training industry since its inception, we will have your team up-to-speed and working with the system in no time.


We train you on your system and not on a training database of information that means nothing to you. After we set up your system to run the way you want it to, we will begin training utilizing real-life scenarios.


With a group of application trainers, each of whom has many years of real-life experience using Epicor’s products, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your Epicor experience. Whether you need help with order entry, purchasing or inventory management, we’ll show you how each module and program works in line with your business.


Below is a list of our most popular Epicor classes. We also offer customized training, such as delta training, for customers migrating from another platform.

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App 1

Knowledge Camp – An overall review of Epicor 9, focusing on the latest versions of the system. Ideal for new staff of existing Epicor customers to come up to speed with how the latest version of the system works.

App 2

Usability – A thorough session going through personalizations, formatting screens, and ultimately giving tips and tricks that are useful to users in arranging personal settings within Epicor. Basic understanding of Epicor 9 as an application is recommended, specifically within the front end of Epicor 9.

App 3

Sales Order Processing/Customer Management – A review of all customer-facing aspects of Epicor. Useful for new customer services staff of existing Epicor customers, including Customer Resource Management (CRM) and sale order processing. Basic understanding of Epicor 9 as an application is recommended, specifically within the front end of Epicor 9.

App 4

Purchasing/Inventory Management – An overview of meeting demand, job and purchase order processing, and inventory management of materials. Solid foundation of the front end of the system, from a usability and functionality standpoint.

App 5

Production Scheduling/Advanced Production Scheduling (APS) – Overview and instruction on whole calendar management, evaluating standards, and timing system for accuracy. This course is ideal for any type of plant or production manager. Foundation of basic system functionality of Epicor 9 as an application.

App 6

Job Costing – Overview of MES management, daily production data/costs management, and end of week/end of month costs. Working knowledge of the system and financial background: staff accountants, controllers, etc.

App 7

Overview of Epicor Financials – A class based on setting up segment options, GL controls, and financial reporting through Epicor 9. Moderate to advanced knowledge of the system and accounting background.



Dev 1

BAQs – Introduction to Epicor’s basic query tool. Topics include overview of the Data Dictionary and Epicor’s data structures, building basic queries, joining tables, building inner and outer joins, and efficient BAQ development techniques, as well as updatable BAQs. Basic understanding of Epicor 9 as an application, and experience with tables and fields in any reporting application.

Dev 2

BAQ/Crystal Reporting – Introduction to using BAQs to feed Crystal Reporting in Epicor, including formatting Crystal Reports, documenting your work, and posting reports to Epicor’s menu trees. Basic understanding of Epicor 9 as an application, experience with tables and fields in any reporting application, and understanding of concepts in course Dev1

Dev 3

Personalization/Customization – Introduction to the developer tool and instruction in adding or removing fields from screens, building relationships between fields, required fields, formatting colors and formatting screens.

Dev 5

System Administration – Introduction to the tools and strategies that system administrators need to monitor and manage their Epicor installation. Topics include database management, system monitor, system agent, Application Server management, and structure of the Epicor environment. Knowledge of network administration, Windows Server environments.

Dev 6

Business Process Manager – Building BPMs truly unlocks much of the power of Epicor. Learn how to setup BPMs to solve business issues, by defining conditions and actions to be taken by the system.

Dev 7

Advanced BPMs – Augmenting the power of BPMs by adding programs written in .p, C# or other .NET languages. Programming background and equivalent competency in topics taught in Dev6.

Dev 8

Introduction to Service Connect – This powerful tool allows you to job stream multiple functions within Epicor, and/or reach out to outside data, bring it into Epicor, and export data to other places. You should be licensed. Firm competency in Epicor data structures, as well as an understanding of programming terminology and techniques.

Dev 10

Intro ABL coding – Write specialized BPMs and stand-alone Progress programs that can be run from Windows. Learn how to read and write Epicor tables and call business objects within Epicor. SQL stored procedures or similar DB programming.

Dev 11

Intro to .NET and Epicor – Write .NET applications to interface directly to Epicor business objects. Use Epicor traces to embed Epicor access into your customized .NET applications. .NET programming.

We offer ERP training courses specific to both your industry and version of your ERP system. We also specialize in delta training when you upgrade from one ERP system or version to another.

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  • Remote training
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