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What is ERP Software?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

ERP software is an essential tool for strategically managing your company. ERP software can interconnect all aspects of your organization in real-time such as your website, shop floor equipment, suppliers, and anyone else who needs to access information. Today’s ERP systems will not only provide critical business functions, but also the basis for artificial intelligence development by storing the information that is used for rules-based processes that will eventually ‘think’ – providing the best possible information to you. There are many examples of ERP software, but ultimately, your ERP system should help you make better decisions by giving you faster access to information.

What Does EpiCenter Do With ERP Software?

Now that we know what ERP software is, what does EpiCenter do? The commitment to an ERP system is significant – not only because of the dollar cost, but also due to the professional commitment of the organization. At EpiCenter, we literally transform organizations by introducing best practices, unexpected efficiencies, checks and balances, and other benefits that aren’t just related to the functional modules and executing basic business practices. In order for an organization to get the full benefit of our ERP solution, the organization has to be open to change, embracing new ideas, and look at their business needs in different ways.

What Are The Primary Business Benefits Of An ERP System?

So, what are the primary business benefits of an ERP system? To fully understand the business benefits, we have to look past the basics – all ERP systems should integrate to your website, allow orders to be entered without any rekeying of data, automatically determine purchasing needs, and generate suggested purchase orders. But once your ERP system is live, the benefits can be tailored to your industry, and can be very far reaching, such as:

  • Analysis of Minimum Stock Quantities – You may not want to keep hundreds of units in stock because if demand shifts or that item is no longer used in the current revision of a product you will have excess inventory. Epicor uses statistic models to automate the process of re-evaluating purchase order quantities and stock. Epicor then makes adjustments to inventory based on the desired level set by the user.

  • Integrated Document Management – Epicor is the only ERP system that embeds a document management solution into the ERP software. The document management solution can scan and ‘read’ incoming documents and automatically enter orders into your system, which means you’ll no longer have to manually enter orders!

  • Real Time Intelligent Alerts – With ERP systems, you can set thresholds and data that should be monitored, and the system will notify you if any parameter goes outside of your desired values. If you can define a logical explanation, ERP systems can be setup to alert the user in real time of any abnormalities.

  • Growth, Scalability, and Strategic Features – A business run on spreadsheets, stand alone systems, and home made databases makes comprehensive reporting and growth difficult since they are not auditable. That means securing bank financing for growth, as well as preparing a business for sale can be difficult. A well integrated ERP system not only aides the day-to-day business, but provides great value and integrity that is a significant factor in calculating the worth of a company. Small businesses experiencing large growth should consider implementing ERP systems to make the transition easier.

Contact EpiCenter Today to Learn More About Our ERP Software Services

At EpiCenter, we represent Epicor Kinetic, an ERP solution for small to medium sized companies (SMBs), who manufacture both simple and complex products that may need quality system requirements, traceability, bill of materials, scheduling, costing and financial controls, and specific solutions all integrated into one system. Epicor Kinetic has been a solid performer in this market for over 40 years, and continues to spend a significant portion of their budget on improving this product every year.

EpiCenter is the leading integrator of Epicor Kinetic in North America, thanks to our qualified team of consultants, systems engineers, and integration experts. If you are selecting an ERP software, or have already chosen Epicor. You will be very pleased to meet our expert team.

Now that you know the primary business benefits of an ERP system, please feel free to contact our team of ERP experts!

Want to learn more? Contact us!

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