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What is Epicor Kinetic Software?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Epicor Kinetic Design

Epicor’s latest version has been branded ‘Epicor Kinetic.’ Normally it would have been named ‘Epicor 11’, and this change has emphasized an entirely new ‘look’ for the Epicor ERP product. Epicor Kinetic is a mature offering with over 40 years of development and continual improvement, but the significant change is the Epicor Kinetic design & framework: user interface (UI) and the general user experience (UX).

With a modern user interface, Epicor Kinetic is web-based and much more user friendly. The modern shell allows users to personalize their individual screens and promote them to other users without complicated customizations.

Kinetic is built as a no-low code platform instead of the previous .NET versions making it more accessible to every day users.

The Kinetic 2021 REST APIs have also been expanded to simplify the use of business objects and external applications. This allows a developer to connect to almost any third-party application directly into Epicor.

Epicor Kinetic Framework

As computer users have become more sophisticated, they expect functionality to design their paths to information. They have the flexibility to present information in whatever format that makes sense to them. The Epicor Kinetic framework takes advantage of all of the core data and processes that have made Epicor a strong influence in the ERP industry, and elevates the customer experience to a new level – far superior to their competitors.

This is important to adopters of Epicor Kinetic because the more accessible and more fluid a product is to use, the better the adoption by your internal users. Users today expect a very modern look, with deep functionality available at their fingertips. That’s Epicor Kinetic.

Contact EpiCenter ERP Today to Learn More About Epicor Kinetic

As a premier partner of Epicor, EpiCenter has participated in developing and rolling out this product. Whether you are an existing Epicor customer needing training or assistance in taking the maximum advantage of Kinetic, or you are a new user making a transition from other systems – we are your essential resource for getting the most out of this exciting development in the evolution of Epicor ERP. Contact our experts today to learn more about Epicor Kinetic and how we can help you get it set up for your company!

Want to learn more? Contact us!

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