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Quality Control in Manufacturing: Cost vs. Quality

Updated: Jun 12

Human nature is certainly present in most manufacturing plants, and when it comes to delivering “bad news,” most people aren’t good at it and really don’t want to do it. Thankfully, Epicor has some reports that can help improve your understanding of cost vs quality and ultimately the quality control in your manufacturing.

Cost vs Quality: The Importance of a Quality Control Mindset

In Epicor, you can report actual labor time on the shop floor as one of the critical measurements of the cost of producing a part. The system very nicely informs the shop floor employee when they are “over standard.” Because it’s Epicor, you can make the comments field required. This then requires the person to put in a comment, like “I had difficulty feeding parts because they were bent when I got them.” or “I did my best, and I have no idea how I could have gone faster. We should revise this standard.”.

When the daily labor reports are reviewed, these comments should also be examined, especially within 24 hours of the occurrence, so that management can follow up on issues/questions. Most staff on the shop floor are dedicated, well-meaning team members, and if they have a chance to give input, and it is reliably followed up on, they feel that they are part of the team.

Cost vs Quality Control In Manufacturing Is Closely Linked

When there are cost issues, there are frequently quality issues as well. Using examples mentioned above: If the parts were bent before getting to an operator, and that operator has to work through that job slowly, then likely the parts being bent is also a condition that may not meet the customer’s requirements.

Let’s talk about another standard feature of Epicor and how to use it to improve cost, communication, & quality control in manufacturing. When an operation is finished, it is physically signed off by someone and is completed online. The person signing off on it is vouching for the quality of the product. If the next operation gets it, and the parts aren’t correct, then it’s very easy to go back to the previous operator to find out what happened so that you can prevent it from happening again. This begins to enforce a quality mindset, one where every person knows they will be held accountable if they pass something that’s not correct.

Epicor ERP Can Streamline Quality Control in Manufacturing

Using these building blocks of the system goes well past just the core functions of the system. They provide effective communications, a quality-driven mindset, and a cooperative workforce. These suggestions won’t work for everyone, but this is an example of the Power of ERP and how it can help you improve quality control in manufacturing. When it comes to cost vs. quality, the Epicor ERP platform is uniquely suited to match the needs of the shop floor, while providing valuable information for cost, quality, and proper management.

Contact EpiCenter For Improved Manufacturing Quality Control

Our team of manufacturing consultants is well versed in this technology, and we have hundreds of experiences across various industries that we can bring to your shop floor. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our team and the services we provide.

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