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ERP isn't just a computer system

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Think beyond traditional ERP

Companies purchase an ERP to replace an existing one, or because they need something better than the mess of spreadsheets and disparate systems they already have. They implement an ERP, and then think they are done, but that’s really when the fun and learning begins!

It’s like when you first get your driver’s license. The training at driving school gets you the minimum information needed to drive, but the rest of your life is spent exploring new places, driving different vehicles, experiencing life on the road! The same is true for ERP.

A good ERP (and yes, we suggest Epicor) is the beginning of a continuous improvement process with a system that manages your sales pipeline, measures your business levels, orders all your supplies, schedules the jobs to ship on time, manages your documents, integrates your EDI partners into your business, and gives you ongoing analysis to properly set goals and drive success! Don’t let your ERP be a “done” project. ERP is never done unless you let it be that…..

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