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What is the Role of ERP in the Automotive Industry?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

The Role of ERP in the automotive industry is very important. The automotive industry, whether it’s tier 1, 2, or 3, is a significant driver in the American economy, and there are thousands of shops supporting this critical industry. Standard requirements for this industry are slightly different from others, including heavy EDI integration, the ability to set up workflows for PPAP’s, PFMEA, and Gage R&R, etc. The AIAG has proliferated acronyms dramatically, which makes a vendor that understands the role of ERP in the automotive industry & your challenges critical to your success.

Benefits of ERP for The Automotive Industry

There are many benefits when utilizing ERP for the automotive industry. Flexibility and endless attention to detail are essential attributes for automotive suppliers. Lot and serial traceability at any level of a BOM, capturing test results & reporting across shifts or any logical construct. This is a data-centric industry, so having facts readily available is very important. It’s also critical to easily interface to other systems, whether it’s CMM equipment for inspection results, environmental monitoring, etc.

One good example is the built-in calibration feature of Epicor. The calibration part of the base system it tracks which devices were used with which products, and if there is a need to pull back products because of calibration issues, Epicor tracks which ones were measured with the given device. Scheduling can be done, including scheduled calibration schedules – another fully embedded feature, not a link to a third-party package.

And, of course, on time delivery is ‘king’, along with packaging and labeling every item while passing on the Advanced Ship Notice so your products flow right onto the production line.

If your organization is in a constant ‘fire drill’ to produce the information needed to participate in the automotive industry, please contact us. By utilizing our ERP for the automotive industry, we can help streamline your businesses!

Regulatory and Compliance: ISO and TS 16949

Tier 1 vendors require TS16949, and many Tier 2 and 3 vendors adopt this standard to keep them on qualified vendor lists. The easiest way to ensure your audits will go smoothly is to build in routines for every ‘shall’ in the standard. This way, when an audit comes up, there isn’t a mad dash to prepare – just let the auditor look at our system. And if this process is too cumbersome, let us work with you through our performance tuning and audit services!

Let EpiCenter ERP Help You Implement your Automotive Industry ERP

At EpiCenter, we understand the role of ERP in the automotive industry. We have automotive industry experts who have implemented our product in literally hundreds of sites. This investment is too large to be handled by neophytes – call in the pro’s. Contact EpiCenter today and streamline your automotive industry business with our ERP services!

Want to learn more? Contact us!

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