ERP For Metal Fabrication Industry with Epicor Kinetic

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Are you an injection molding shop, foam fabrication, woodworking, furniture building, or any other facility that purchases & processes dimensional raw materials  through multiple operations that alter their physical sizes? Are you also looking for a metal fabrication industry ERP that can track offcuts, drops, etc.? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Epicor has always been good in the “dimensional inventory” space, but with their more recent releases, Epicor has elevated this specialty to a new level with their metal fabrication industry ERP product. Sheet metal, plastic fabrication, etc., are all industries that rely on the continuous reforming of materials, even regrinds. Epicor Kinetic can not only tackle the challenges that these companies face, but it can also help streamline these processes as well.

A Metal Manufacturing Industry ERP Product That Streamlines and Scales

These manipulations are all done in the standard integrated Epicor Kinetic product, i.e., not relying on outside tables or side routines for recalculating. And, of course, Epicor Kinetic is excellent for interfacing with any niche software. Take nesting programs, for example. Epicor Kinetic can store all of the dimensional data to transfer to a nesting program, which will do the best job of configuring one or more products on a given sheet, and then upload the results for scheduling and procurement. As a result, your inventory is always accurate. This is all seamlessly built into an extremely robust metal fabrication industry ERP product.

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If you are in any of these industries or just require the manipulation of raw and in-process materials, please take a few moments to contact us below and perhaps explain your most complex challenge. Our team of ERP experts can tackle a wide range of ERP services and are up to the challenge of solving your challenge. If we can solve that, then the rest is a piece of cake!


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