Dedicated Epicor ERP Managed Hosting Services & Solutions

Our Certified Epicor Hosting Services

We’re proud to have received the official stamp-of-approval from Epicor as a Certified Hosting Partner.

EpiCenter utilizes our expansive experience with Epicor ERP to build robust and resilient Epicor ERP environments. EpiCenter is responsible for configuring, administering, and monitoring all systems. Our hosting platform is designed to ensure that resources are available, reliable, and ready to use. EpiCenter maintains 24×7 access in case of emergencies and monitors all servers 24×7 for defects.

Epicor Certified Managed Hosting

Infrastructure Availability And Resilience

All infrastructure components (e.g., servers, storage, switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers, etc.) are N+1 (e.g., load-balanced, clustered, RAID), and the managed hosting service is designed to rapidly recover from the failure of any single component without human intervention.

Our Datacenter is highly-available with automated failover and at least N+1 system architecture.

Our Datacenter is SSAE 18 SOC 2 certified and are built to an (N+1) or 2N standard.
Virtual Machines Deployed on Highly Available (HA) VMWare Clusters and logical isolated.
24x7x365 Monitoring and Management of Cloud Infrastructure

N+1 redundancy includes:

  • Power: Diesel Generators; UPS Battery Backup Systems; Automatic Transfer Switches; Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors; Power Distribution Units
  • Cooling: CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioners); heat exchangers; humidification control; leak detection
  • Network: Enterprise-class switches and routers; multiple Fiber Carriers; multiple Internet Providers
  • Storage: Enterprise-class all flash Storage Area Network

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery capabilities are maintained in disparate geographic locations and exceed both the RPO and RTO requirements with Uptime Institute’s Tier III standard. RTO of 15 minutes and RPO as low as 15 minutes are dependent upon customer retention and backup policies. Should any system be compromised by virus, malware or other logical threat, the COMPLETE system can be restored in as little as 15 minutes.

  • Local and off-site data backup 
  • Data encrypted at rest and in transit (256-bit)
  • Creation and maintenance of a disaster recovery plan and playbook
  • Certification of all protected servers every eight weeks
  • Cyber Incident or Threat Recovery 

Flexible Application Delivery

EpiCenter manages the “front end” of the Epicor ERP environment and works with customers to meet and deliver application access and compliance. Whether applications are accessed over the public internet, point to site VPNs, or Site to Stie VPNs.

  • Parallels RAS: Secure, highly available, and agile functionality
  • Smart Clients
  • Epicor Web Access


Best in class storage and performance utilizing Pure Storage.

  • All flash (SSD) that can scale to tens of thousands of IOPS, low latency
  • Secure and compliant with Hardware-based Data Encryption-at-Rest
  • Highly available storage architecture with redundant controllers and distribution paths
  • Dedicated single feed to Storage Network

Integration And Customization

EpiCenter does not limit what can be customized or accomplished with integration. In respect to SDLC practices and capacity management, virtually any enhancement can be accommodated.

Backup Management

EpiCenter maintains the ability to backup virtually any data including:

  • Server Images
  • Activity Directory Domain Services
  • SQL Server databases
  • Folders and files

Data as qualified is backed up to geo-redundant storage and retained for a minimum of 30 days.

Co-Administration and Access

With few limitations EpiCenter accommodates select customer administrator and subject matter expert access to the hosting service and resources directly. We do not hold customer data hostage, after all: It is YOUR data.

Software Management

The art, science, and sub-discipline of project management – EpiCenter will manage the “back-end” of Epicor ERP in which software projects are planned, installed, configured, monitored, maintained and controlled to ensure proper futility and efficiency.

Database Management and Administration

EpiCenter is responsible for understanding customer utilization, management, and administration of overall database environment to ensure it is performing well and efficient. This includes:

  • Sizing, design, and deployment
  • Performance tuning and behavior analysis
  • Monitoring – Such as locks, blocks, active connections, batch requests
  • Resource utilization
  • Troubleshooting
  • Scaling backups to maintain performance
  • Hygiene – Such as index maintenance and integrity checks

Epicor Upgrades And Service Packs

EpiCenter Hosting offers a discount to its customer to help keep them up to date. For Epicor ERP Release, Major Service Pack, and Minor Service Pack installation, configuration and upgrade support will be estimated in full at a discount.

Epicor Patches are included at no additional cost.

Customization uplifts, analysis, validation not included.


EpiCenter monitors Epicor ERP environments to collect resources and transaction state information.

  • On demand system visibility through resources monitoring
  • Organize system events and resources to improve visibility and enhance troubleshooting
  • Expedite root cause analysis and defect discovery
  • Proactively improve performance
  • Improved identification and analysis of pertinent logs
  • Minimize downtime

Migration And Expansion

Hosted infrastructure is virtually limitless – Any volume of compute, memory, and storage capacities can be accommodated. As the infrastructure is upgraded or enhance over time, existing systems can take advantage smoothly. As new features and services become available – refactors, upgrades and migrations can roll out faster. Resources can be phased in as older resources are phased out without capital expense.

Automation And Tooling

Epicor Status and Recovery
  • Validates logon connectivity
  • Validates and tracks GetKeepIdleRowTime (Heartbeat)
  • Conditionally restarts/repairs AppServer and TaskAgent services
Epicor User Count Telemetry
  • Counts number of active Epicor users over time
Epicor Transaction Log Analysis, in Realtime
  • Performance and usage trends based on Epicor transactions
  • 7 day retention; longer retention at additional cost
  • Monitors and conditional alerts based on key transactions
Remote Endpoint Connectivity Monitoring
  • Alerts for network segment disconnects and anomalous response time
  • Connectivity and response time trending
  • Enhances event correlation and hastens troubleshooting
  • Isolate issues to location
  • Switches, workstations, printers, or IP gateways may be utilized. . . almost anything that can be targeted that yields measurable responses

Capacity Management

EpiCenter will analyze the load and scalability of information systems and resources to ensure the resource capacity meets current and future business needs in a cost-effective manner. Capacity management processes include planning, monitoring, evaluating, controlling, budgeting, and implementing the capacity necessary for uninterrupted and responsive service delivery.

Problem Management

EpiCenter will investigate the underlying cause of defects to prevent similar defects from recurring, work to minimize the adverse impacts of known defects within the system, and proactively look at areas of potential problems and apply fixes where appropriate.

Backup Management

EpiCenter maintains the ability to backup virtually any data including:

  • Server Images
  • Activity Directory Domain Services
  • SQL Server databases
  • Folders and files

Data as qualified is backed up to geo-redundant storage and retained for a minimum of 30 days.


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