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Epicor Testimonial

Updated: Jun 12

“As the Sr. Project Manager for TASI Group, Inc., I have been working with Epicenter for over 3 years and haven’t been happier with their services, professionalism and commitment to our projects.

“When I started out 3 years ago requesting RFQ’s from top 3rd Party Epicor suppliers, I found that Epicenter had a leverage over the larger vendors by providing more support, more Epicor and real-world experience and less costs to our budget. Since then, we have engaged Epicenter on our 3 implementations and 2 Upgrades. They continuously prove to be a top-notch organization by providing the knowledge, expertise and support needed for each complex implementation which have been very successful to-date. Additionally, each consultant that I have worked with is professional, dedicated and driven to see the project through to the end to the best of their ability.

“There have been several times throughout each project when I needed a resources ASAP and Epicenter came through providing the right candidate. I can’t say enough how Epicenter has helped TASI Group achieve the results needed to be successful with each implementation and Go-Live. When a new project is started, I have all the confidence that it will be a success with their help and support and will continue to use their services in the future.”

Peggy H. | Sr. Project Manager, TASI Group, Inc.

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