Why Epicor Kinetic's ERP System?

Epicor Kinetic is the manufacturing ERP software that we sell and implement for our manufacturing clients, and we are an authorized partner of Epicor Software.

The #1 request of customers is functionality. There are thousands of integrated programs built into this product line that weaves best practices into one comprehensive system. Epicor has put over 40 years of experience into this industry-leading product. This ERP system can incorporate the needs of single sites to multi-site international companies. Epicor Kinetic is built for custom functionality as well as a set of industry best practices. Organizations that comply with ISO or regulatory standards can build their own logic into the software to extend the standard functionality. Epicor has created a product that allows for modifications that don’t touch the source code, but make the software uniquely yours while still being able to accept software upgrades.

Made For Manufacturing

Epicor Kinetic’s robust ERP System is full of helpful tools to help your business run more effectively.

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Intuitive Interface

Epicor Kinetic’s design allows for a user-friendly experience across desktop and mobile devices.

Highlights of Epicor ERP

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Epicor Kinetic is equipped to help organizations take advantage of new market opportunities and to manage the growth using its ERP suite. Guided by the need of today’s users, Epicor Kinetic ERP software delivers the choice, flexibility and agility needed to support strategic initiatives and clean out inefficient processes.

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Minimize Complexities

Epicor Kinetic ERP software minimizes the complexities of traditional enterprise resource planning by delivering a database that emphasizes ease of use, collaboration and responsiveness. With the flexibility to be run on-remises or in the cloud, Epicor Kinetic ERP software provides a comprehensive set of global functionalities, enabling you to drive profitability, inspire innovation and respond quickly to an evolving business environment.

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Robust Capabilities

Epicor Kinetic ERP software offers a modular approach with robust capabilities focused on reducing costs, streamlining processes, and improving customer responsiveness across the enterprise—all top priorities toward achieving continued growth and profitability.

Epicor Kinetic Interface

Epicor Kinetic is Epicor’s newest user interface that provides intuitive design across desktop, tablet and mobile device’s’.  This new interface allows for seamless formatting and ‘specialized’ screens. Personalizations can be setup by work function or to adapt to an individuals needs or accessibility requirements.  Very few ERP publishers have put so much emphasis on exceeding the user’s expectations when it comes to ease of use. Keep in mind that it is not just an interface, it is interactive! Users can modify their screens to their needs, add related information or display key data in graphs, bar charts, queries and much more.  Epicor has delivered to the user a product that works they way they want it to work. Take a tour and see it in action.  


Take a Tour

Epicor Kinetic ERP software is the leading small to midsize system in the manufacturing sector. With over 40 years of continuous improvement, it’s deep functionality combines with its industry leading user interface, API, and tools to present a fully detailed system for small shops up to multi site, multi company, and multi nationals, and user counts from 1 to 10,000. Industry best practices are woven into the product, and Epicor Kinetic is unique in that it’s not only an ERP system, but has built in CRM, QMS, CMS, and engineering revision control. It is no longer necessary for a small to medium sized organization to have multiple systems for these various functions. Feel free to watch this virtual demo, but we also encourage you to start a dialogue with us, and let us schedule a quick ‘tour’ of the system with one of our sales engineers. Purchasing a system like this is a bit like getting married without going out on a first date. You don’t know what to ask, nor what to expect. Let us help you through this process.

A Comprehensive Overview of Epicor Kinetic

Interested in Epicor Kinetic and want to learn more about its many capabilities? This guide gives you a descriptive look at Epicor’s functionality. 

EpiCenter - Epicor Services

EpiCenter provides a complete, comprehensive software solution from Epicor that streamlines finance, inventory and manufacturing in one package from supply chain management, CRM, business intelligence and enterprise performance. The software is built around the Web 2.0 Framework to provide users with a collaborative and productive business application. 

Our mission statement:  Help customers make better decisions. 
We accomplish this by empowering our customers to best utilize the system and to take advantage of our vast experience. We encourage best practice transaction processing, but we also listen and guide out customers to the best solutions for their needs.  
Some customers that have little or no internal resources, others may have full IT departments and internal continuous improvement staff members. We supplement what internal resources you do have to maximize their benefit and long-term success. 

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