ERP Support & Consulting Services

Why Choose EpiCenter?

EpiCenter’s sole mission is to aid clients in making the best possible decisions for their companies by providing the products, tools, and training to understand and operate more effectively and efficiently.

What Makes Us Different?

EpiCenter is a unique force in the technology space.  We evolved into a full consultancy from our beginnings as a manufacturing customer of Epicor, and we use ConnectWise to manage our business success. Over the years, we have built a team, honed our craft, and now have an unparalleled reputation. Watch the video to hear our story.

Our combination of business acumen, manufacturing experience across many industries, and extremely strong technical ‘chops’ makes EpiCenter a unique choice in this industry.  We do everything necessary to help our customers make better decisions by optimizing their processes.


Since 2007, EpiCenter has delivered custom business solutions and support to over 150 companies.


Our in-house teams of consultants, developers, and support work to ensure your needs will be met effectively and efficiently. 


Our teams continue to support you after you go live in any way necessary.

What can a customer expect from EpiCenter?

First and foremost, our experienced team here at EpiCenter strives for honesty and integrity in everything that we do. We pride ourselves on that throughout each project and beyond as we work in cooperation with each customer.

Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with you. We’re not just interested in the project. We want to be the trusted partner and the first team that you call for years after the implementation.


Our Story


EpiCenter was founded in 2007 after informally operating as a division of Decorated Products. We had become an Epicor customer in 1998. Through our involvement in the Epicor Users Group, sharing our experience and helping others, we became an authorized Epicor partner.


We sold Decorated Products and began supporting Epicor customers 100%, and started to expand our staff and offerings.  We also bought ConnectWise as our internal product for tracking and billing.


Mobius Works LLC moved into our building and became our development, hosting, and managed services resource.


Epicor asked us to become a VAR, so we could now sell, implement, and service our customers


Our dedicated partner channel, EpiBusinessSolutions started to attract compatible and strategic partners to help our customers.


EpiCenter purchased Mobius Works, and our transformation into a full service resource for Epicor customers was complete.


ConnectWise invited us to become an Advantage Partner, where we now perform authorized partner implementation services for ConnectWise customers, using our background as implementors and ConnectWise users.


We celebrated our 150th implementation with the launch of Epicor 10 at Avantor.


Epicor releases Epicor Kinetic, a new version of Epicor ERP with a modern user experience, and EpiCenter becomes well-versed in all its capabilities.

Meet Our Team

Any industry leader will tell you that the strength of an organization is directly related to the people who make up the team.  We have everything from mechanical engineers to CPA’s, each with years of direct industry experience as well as the passion and intensity necessary to pass this knowledge on to our customers.  Our top management team is listed here, contact us to select a team best suited for your project.

Jeff Glaze, President - EpiCenter

Jeff Glaze

Founder / CEO / President
Jeff leads our dynamic company with his visionary input and participative management style. He has over 40 years of manufacturing experience and an extensive leadership experience.

Jeff O'Brien - EpiCenter

Jeff O'Brien

Executive VP of Sales and Professional Services
Jeff has over 30 years of manufacturing and ERP experience. He excels at inspiring those who work with him and to always put the customer first.

Kevin Dennehy - EpiCenter

Kevin Dennehy

Vice President, Professional Services
Kevin executes the day-to-day professional services business at EpiCenter. He has over 30 years of manufacturing and ERP experience and has sound experience in all aspects of the consulting practice.

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