What Will Be Your Legacy?

10 Jun What Will Be Your Legacy?

Author: Jeffrey Glaze

You may be the person leading implementation of your company’s ERP system, or taking a vital role in the process. This is a critical time for your company and for your project. Your decisions and how you design the system can have far-reaching positive effects. Or not.

How many times have you waited in a customer service line only to find a frustrated representative who punches the keys with a frown, complaining how slow and awkward their system is – the very system you depend upon to handle your upcoming transaction? Not a great way to start off your relationship!

We have choices in implementing. We can take the short-term or the long-term view. What are the needs of the stakeholders? How can your system best meet those needs? Can we make it intuitive, easy to use, and streamline processes to make them easy and efficient?

Why would this matter? True, you can go through the motions and set up just the core minimum processes. They won’t be as efficient or intuitive as possible, but who cares? Likely you won’t be with this company for a long time…..


It’s certainly best for your career and for your personal satisfaction if you put in the creative time and follow-through to set up a system that actually works well. Collaborate to really understand the needs of the stakeholders, and go past their minimum needs – decrease key strokes, provide needed related information, and make them happy with YOUR system. Yes, you should take an ownership stake in the system for the long term so that years from now, when you finish waiting in that customer service line, you’ll find a smiling representative who can satisfy your needs with just a few key strokes.