At EpiCenter, we’re familiar with the many facets and principles of manufacturing.


Epicor Process Manufacturing ERP is designed by industry experts with all the special features needed to handle demand-pull scheduling and cost allocation across co-products and by-products. Line-side data capture and real-time analytics make downtime and waste visible, so initiatives like total quality management (TQM), Six Sigma manufacturing, and lean manufacturing can achieve more.


With EpiCenter’s help, your ERP application will offer a strong foundation that can support your unique requirements with minimum customization. Keeping disruption to a minimum level, your organization gains a cost-effective way to improve internal processes and product quality, lower costs, and increase bottom-line revenue.

Inventory management

Streamline inventory management and get accurate, real-time data for higher quality products, faster time to market, quicker inventory turns, and lower manufacturing costs.

Informed decisions

Make informed, real-time manufacturing decisions to enhance quality, increase plant throughput, contain costs, and improve delivery performance.

Protect your brand

Protect your brand and your customers with intuitive, easy-to-use traceability solutions that track your products and ingredients from suppliers to manufacturing, to end-users.

Automate Process

Automate your chargeback validation process and stay on top of high data volumes, non-standard pricing, management fees and rebates, and regulatory compliance requirements.


As a former manufacturer and current Epicor Platinum Services partner, EpiCenter provides best practices to align your business and software. Solutions are designed for all types of process manufacturing, including but not limited to:

Manufacturing management

Financial management

Distribution management


Contracts and chargebacks

Customer management and portal

Data collection