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CUM Tracking

Release Accounting

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The automotive industry is faced with rising complexity as a result of increasing numbers of products and options, shorter technology cycles, pressure to innovate, and global supply networks. You need to be operating at the top level, and that means getting every bit of functionality out of your software that’s possible. EpiCenter takes our manufacturing and ERP expertise, melds it with your unique requirements, and helps you get the utmost from your software investment.


The solution starts with a conversation. Once we know your pain points, we can begin working toward a goal of improving your business. Let’s talk soon.


Project Management

Purchase Contracts

Auto/Label Print Control/Bartender

Preventative/predictive maintenance tracking

Epicor Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)

Kanban Lean Manufacturing

Sales Kitting functions (Configurable too)


EDI/Demand Management

Technically ready for XML communication as well (Service Connect)

Tracking location by a doc#

Portals (Supplier / Customer)

Big 3 constantly changing design of labels

Design labels by part by customers

Serialized label generation

Release control management

Complete audit trails

Multidimensional sales forecasting and planning