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14 Oct Troy Industries

Troy Industries gains productivity and ease-of-use with Epicor ERP

Company Facts

Location: Springfield, MA

Industry: Firearms & Accessories


Success Highlights

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Company had rapidly grown and could no longer depend solely on manual reporting.
  • Needed an ERP platform that would collect, store, manage, and interpret data to support high-volume productivity and efficiency and a team to ease the implementation process.


  • Epicor ERP & EpiCenter Support


  • Translated technical concepts, facilitating implementation.
  • Provided training, preparing staff for full use of the system.
  • Delivered customizations for specific industry requirements.
  • Offered rapid assistance, ensuring ongoing productivity.

The Business Situation

For 13 years, Troy Industries has been designing and manufacturing small arms components for sports enthusiasts and the military. Since its humble beginnings in owner Steve Troy’s garage, the company has seen a rapid rate of growth with customer demand much higher than capacity. Going from 15 to 100 employees in just five years, Troy’s growth was “insane.”

Outgrowing Systems

Early on, everything was done at Troy via Excel sheets and whiteboards. But after moving to a much larger factory setting with more office space, the company continued to grow and lack of documentation became a problem.

As the number of employees grew, so did the need for a systematic approach.

ERP Selection

After a rigorous ERP selection process, Troy chose Epicor. They had been extremely impressed with the demonstration and were “completely sold on it.” But when it came time to put the system into practice, Troy found they needed someone in their corner to help them make the transition. Epicor suggested EpiCenter to serve as that much-needed liaison.

Prior to Kick-Off

Before starting implementation, Troy had to transfer its “tribal knowledge” onto paper. They had to ask questions of themselves they hadn’t asked before, thinking about the way they built something—breaking every part down into materials and operations.

“Everything was brand new. We had no system. We had to build from scratch.”

EpiCenter’s experts pored through those notes, making recommendations. “It was a very useful conversation,” says Troy. Once Troy saw that EpiCenter understood its pain points and could offer valuable assistance, a partnership was struck.


The beginning of the project centered on training. EpiCenter kept a consultant on hand to help whenever needed—one key person on whom Troy could rely entirely. He helped set up scheduling in the system and was a mentor for any issue that arose. The fact that EpiCenter had once been a manufacturing company using Epicor software and understood the challenges at hand greatly helped smooth the transition.

“EpiCenter had the expertise we needed on standby and could meet our needs as soon as they arose. Whenever we needed support, it was there.” —Yarkin Ilicali, ERP Program Manager

Cultural Change

Cultural change has been a challenge for Troy. It takes time to bring people around to a new way to doing things. This is why EpiCenter always begins with people first. Software is vitally important, but if it doesn’t fit the team’s workflow or if the team doesn’t understand its value and doesn’t use it, nothing has been gained. There are still growing pains, but it’s “nothing like before,” says Troy. Where formerly there was lack of information, there are now answers.


Part way into implementation, Troy discovered that Epicor worked with Paypal but Paypal did not work for the defense industry. On the fly, a new website had to be created that would handle credit card processing with Epicor. EpiCenter worked with Troy every day to ensure a solution was put into place that would allow for the timely processing of orders and no lost business.

Return on Investment

  • Visibility: It used to be, Troy says, that if you asked how many units were sold last month, you might get a different answer from each person. The biggest benefit from working with EpiCenter to fully utilize the Epicor software has been with data collection. Now, you can readily access whatever information you need.
  • Standards: Checks and balances are in place. Where visibility into jobs was lacking—boxes missing stickers and no way to reference the job—Troy can now see a job’s full history in the software. If an issue arises, they can identify why it happened and find the easy, homegrown fix. These standards have translated into better quality all around.

Remaining Agile

Troy now has a solid foundation where they can keep building and improving.

“There are always new product lines coming out that change the game. This is a very flexible company, changing constantly. We have a foundation now in Epicor to handle those kinds of changes.” —Yarkin Ilicali, ERP Program Manager

With EpiCenter’s help, that will happen with minimum hassle and wasted time.

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