03 Jun The Benefits of NOT Requiring an Item Master

Epicor software has a feature called “part-on-the-fly.” This is the ability to use part identification and description in several areas of the application without a master part record. Part-on-the-fly parts are a flexible alternative for make-to-order or engineer-to-order manufacturing, where the sold item is a custom part. By using a part-on-the-fly, your quote line doesn’t need to have a part master. Thus, you avoid making many part numbers that never enter production.

Your quote line can be done with a part-on-the-fly. You add operations and materials to build your manufacturing method. Once the quote is accepted, you may move an item’s quote method to the sales order, to the manufacturing job, and to the customer shipment without ever creating a part master.

Unique raw materials may be purchased directly to the job, eliminating the steps of purchasing materials to inventory, receiving them to stock, and issuing them to the job.

The finished product may be shipped from the job instead of placed into finished goods inventory prior to shipment. This job-based process flow eliminates several receiving and issuing inventory transactions.

Throughout the manufacturing process, transaction records are created. (Examples are labor used, materials purchased, and customer shipments.) Production history may be referenced after the order has shipped.

In summary, the benefits of part-on-the-fly are:

  • Reduce the quantity of master part records that need to be maintained
  • No need to maintain an engineering method
  • Streamlined office entry (moving the quote to the order and the order to the job)
  • Reduce the quantity of parts stored as inventory
  • Since a part-on-the-fly is not an inventory item, you don’t have to maintain it as an inventory item by storing it on the shelf, moving it around or counting it.
  • Facilitates job-based process flow, reducing the number of inventory transactions
  • Job cost history is still maintained