Performance Tuning

If you switched to Epicor or migrated to a newer system with no outside assistance, chances are you aren’t seeing the immediate results you expected. That happens sometimes when in-house IT is already overburdened or lacks intel about the new system.


On the other hand, you may be getting ready to begin a migration or implementation and know, in advance, that you want to do it with an expert partner by your side.


In either situation, EpiCenter can help by putting performance tuning into play to review your hardware, the environment (SQL Server, etc.) and the customization environment, looking for issues that could impact performance. Once analyzed, we make recommendations and adjustments to enhance performance. Crafted for you alone, many changes can be immediate, requiring no interruptions or downtime whatsoever.


Best Practices Include:

  • Ensuring backups are timely and complete
  • Indexing the database periodically for maximum performance
  • Monitoring key processes for performance issues
  • Tracking and evaluating service issues
  • Managing log files
  • Adjusting system settings depending on how the system is being used