Find the Cloud +

Epicor SaaS ERP is a multi-tenant environment, which is the typical way SaaS applications are delivered. Each customer has a section of a massive database with security that ensures their data is separate and distinct from other customers—just like an online bank account, secure and protected from other accounts.


Sometimes you may require more advanced functionality than is available in the typical SaaS environment, such as:


  • Advanced Requisitions Management (ARM)
  • Advanced Print Management (APM)
  • XL Connect (powerful BI directional plug-in to Epicor ERP)
  • Other third-party applications not supported internally by Epicor SaaS
  • Other document management offerings from Altec
What does this mean to me and my business?


It means Epicor SaaS ERP customers can enjoy the benefits of these advanced programs without giving up their commitment to having a truly 100% cloud installation. This translates to:


  • No on-premise equipment
  • No need for on-premise technical staff to maintain applications
  • Peace of mind, knowing EpiCenter is intimately familiar with the cloud application and can assist you in meeting your goals.