Taking the Fear Out of Product Configurator

01 Jul Taking the Fear Out of Product Configurator

Epicor has a module, the Product Configurator, which allows you to make custom products. The Product Configurator helps you customize a product for the individual needs of the customer. It’s ideally used in a situation where a basic manufacturing process is followed, but the product is configured, or designed, for the specific needs of a customer. Placeholder materials may be used to customize the product to the customer’s requirements – for example, a specific material, color, or size.  The Product Configurator is an easy-to-use tool that can lead to powerful business results.


The Product Configurator can make the part number for you, eliminating the need for creating part numbers “just in case” a customer might order one. The Configurator will help you apply basic business rules, or options, desired when making a product. These options, when built into the Configurator, may be applied in quoting and sales. Your salesperson could use the tool while talking to a customer at a trade show to design a custom part. These options eliminate the need to engineer the product after the sale.


The Product Configurator module comes with an Expression Builder – where appropriate expressions may be selected from a list. The Expression Builder allows you to create fast and accurate software expressions (your business rules).


The process for implementing the Configurator is straightforward. Application training can teach your staff how to utilize the module. If you need assistance, our team can work with you to apply the tool to your business, engineering, and manufacturing processes – first through discovery, and then with a deep dive into your manufacturing model. We will help you identify the best ways to apply the Product Configurator. The end result is an efficient model that works for your manufacturing process.