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Strategic Process Review


Invaluable Perspective

Our Strategic Process Review℠ is our first step to any client's service project, be that an Epicor Kinetic implementation, migration to Kinetic from a previous Epicor version, development project to a client's Epicor system, or other consulting service.

An SPR is conducted by a seasoned, Senior Consultant-level staff member, who has 20-30 years of manufacturing experience, along with a solid set of previous Epicor implementations under their belt. 

Ultimately, the SPR delivers a clear roadmap that guides you through your project. That guide illustrates how your business and Epicor system synthesize to resolve the reasons why you sought out this journey to begin with.

With EpiCenter’s Strategic Process Review℠, you get an advanced internal planning tool that encompasses a 360-degree view of your organization, providing an objective and practical approach to understanding how your business operates.

After the initial analysis phase, usually done over a few days, the EpiCenter staff member produces a document that articulates their findings of a client's current state, as well as identifying opportunities where their Epicor system can help.

Under Examination

What or who in your organization can add more value to your business vision?

Which customers and products are more profitable, and which aren't?

What changes will improve your operational perspective, inventory turnover, on-time scheduling, material management, etc?

What features of Epicor will most benefit your organization, and how should they be deployed?

How the organization can maximize efficiency from quote to cash.

Identification of best practices vs. current practices.

How does your use of the software impact the business and the people in your organization?

Present state vs. future state (and how to fulfill the organization's long-term business vision).

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