Strategic Process Review


Do you find it challenging to capture key metrics from quote to cash to efficiently fulfill your business and revenue goals?


Do you sometimes lose track of where you are on a project?

Business Vision

Are you concerned about your ERP system’s ability to support your current business and ensure future growth?


Do some of your jobs fail to meet revenue projections?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above challenges, the Strategic Process Review sm (SPR) is for you.

With EpiCenter’s Strategic Process Review sm, you get an advanced internal planning tool that encompasses a 360-degree view of your organization, providing an objective and practical approach to understanding how your business operates. The SPR delivers a roadmap that assists you in an objective evaluation of your current systems and infrastructure, helping you develop a clear vision of what your future business platform should be.


Consider using an SPR if you need to:

  • Support a successful RFP process.
  • Maximize utilization to get the most from your ERP investment.
  • Evaluate current Epicor solutions to ensure they capitalize on the ERP system to its fullest.

At EpiCenter, everything we do starts with a people-first approach. The SPR is done over one or two days. We begin by working with all stakeholders from owners and senior management through to shop floor personnel; it is a top down, bottom up approach. By examining in detail how your business is done today and how you want it to evolve tomorrow, together we improve the business process and identify the ways in which your software does or doesn’t support your business goals.


Some of the things we’ll examine include:


  • What or who in your organization can add more value to your business vision?
  • What improvements will better your operation perspective, inventory scheduling, material management, etc.?
  • What products or customers are most profitable, and what is the best area for you to increase profitable revenue?
  • How does your use of the software impact the business and the people in your organization?
  • Which work orders/jobs are profitable and which need to be improved?

One of our senior consultants will conduct the Strategic Process Review. This individual comes equipped with at least 20 years of experience using Epicor software in a myriad of manufacturing and service roles. After the review is completed, EpiCenter will provide a report detailing our findings, recommendations, and results. These may include:


• How the organization can maximize efficiency from quote to cash.
• Identification of best practices vs. current practices.
• Present state vs. future state (and how to fulfill the organization’s long-term business vision).