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Epicor Implementation

Epicor ERP is a very powerful system that can handle the operations of complex manufacturing and distribution environments. In order to fully benefit from the visionary functionality of Epicor ERP’s global platform and enterprise applications, the success of the implementation process is critical.

To make successful implementations happen, we call upon our years of expertise and we mirror Epicor ERP’s five stage signature implementation methodology. That allows EpiCenter to deploy your Epicor ERP solution at all sites, regardless of geographic location.

The 5 stages of Signature Methodology are critical to a successful business transformation:


Decisions made during the implementation process have global system implications. This means that a change in one particular area of the system doesn’t necessarily affect only that one area. Adhering to the Signature Methodology ensures we’re not met with unintended consequences.

When all is said and done, in order to have a successful implementation, you need to have the right people guiding you; that’s where we come in. Our staff of experts has experienced and overcome the difficult challenges that an ERP system implementation can render.

Our number one goal is always that you, our customer, is as prepared as you can possibly be at the time of “going live.”

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