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Multi-platform: A Strategic Advantage of Epicor

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Cloud, hosted, or on premise...what's not to love?

Epicor has so many great features that it’s hard to pick which ones are truly outstanding, but this one definitely is: multi-platform versatility.

Epicor’s entire system is available online through their multi-tenant cloud product, which is licensed by subscription. By offering a cloud-based solution, Epicor can be securely accessed from anywhere at anytime, no backups are needed by the end users, and the system is automatically updated periodically. Easy peesy!

Just remember, though, that as with all cloud products, there can sometimes be internet latency issues or other reasons (outside of Epicor’s control) why the platform may be unavailable. However, the good news is that this is no problem for Epicor because they have made it super simple to pivot!

Epicor uses the same code base for its cloud product as it does for its fully-licensed product. This fully-licensed version of Epicor can be deployed as either a “dedicated hosted” product or in a traditional “on premise” installation. This means that if a company started with the cloud option but then decides they’d like to move to dedicated hosted or on premise, they can easily export their database to one of the other options without any data loss!

I don’t believe any other ERP offers this type of versatility in their deployment options; so, great work, Epicor!

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