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Top Things to Consider When Choosing an ERP Consultant

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

When looking at choosing an ERP consultant, Let’s start from the beginning. If you are selecting an ERP system, you are likely either an established company with 30 – 40 or more staff, and you need the ERP system because your business is too complicated to run with Quickbooks and spreadsheets. Or, you already have an ERP system that is outdated and needs replacing.

If either of these items is ‘true,’ then you have a group of highly trained staff working for you. You have sales and quoting staff, contracts administrators, inventory and procurement professionals, production managers, costing people, project managers, shippers, and of course, your accounting staff. Each of these people are experts in their field and, more importantly, experts in your particular business. Therefore, it’s doubtful you can find a single person who will be an expert in all of these areas. You actually will need a team of ERP consultants to back you up and streamline the process.

Our business has been built on a very efficient team approach to ERP implementations. Typically we have a finance lead, operations lead, and a technical lead consultant. These are the three people you’d work with throughout your implementation. If they don’t have all the answers, they have people backing them up in our organization, and they can bring in people as needed from our deep bench of ERP consultants.

So, when you’re considering ERP consultants, consider a team of consultants from an Authorized Partner with an excellent track record. That’s us. Epicor has Authorized us because we follow their guidelines and methodology, and our ERP consultants are certified by their testing process. You want consultants who are up-to-date on the software and have the resources to get to the bottom of every question you have.

What Makes the Best ERP Consultant?

What is the most crucial attribute for you to look for when choosing the best ERP consultant? It’s very simple. Communication. At EpiCenter, we listen and learn from you how you do things today and your goals for doing them tomorrow. Then we plan, define the scope, detail the procedures, and work with you to build the system’s requirements. Then we test, test, and test to ensure the system works the way you want it. We don’t go live until you tell us you’re ready.

How to Choose an ERP Consultant?

So, to recap, when considering how to choose an ERP consultant, we suggest the following:

  1. Select a team based on typical criteria, such as educational and industry qualifications, relevant experience, broad technical knowledge of their product, professionalism, and presentation skills.

  2. Be sure they are from an Authorized Partner and certified.

  3. What is their implementation methodology, and does it fit your expectations for how a process like this should work?

  4. Interview them and observe how they operate. Do they pontificate or listen? Are their questions on target and intelligent?

  5. Does your team ‘click’ with them? Can you see yourselves working well with them? If they visited you onsite, then they are interested in working with you. If they don’t come onsite, then you can draw your conclusion.

  6. Examine their services; how can they help you today, tomorrow, and years to come?

Contact EpiCenter to Learn More About Our Consultation Services

We feel the ERP consulting selection process is critically important to you. It’s kind of like getting married without dating. In a brief period of time, you need to look at all of the attributes and select some people who will help you through a very complex and expensive process. Please check us out, check references, and ask about our track record. We think you’ll be impressed.

Want to learn more? Contact us!

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