Reflecting on 2020

Many people are posting how happy they are to be done with 2020, but reflecting on the past year, there are at least a few things to be thankful for...

Planning for 2021

There will be 'pent up demand' that will become a surge of new work, but once we're past that, what will the 'new normal' for 2021 look like?

ISO and Epicor ERP

Two of the largest and most complex projects an organization can undertake are implementing ISO 9000 and an Enterprise Resource Planning product like Epicor ERP. We believe that the ideal approach is to do them together.

New Epicor Users Group Website

The Epicor Users Group is an amazing global community of shared knowledge and resources. We're proud to be members and wanted to share their awesome new website with you...check it out!

TASI Group Testimonial

"They continuously prove to be a top-notch organization by providing the knowledge, expertise and support needed for each complex implementation which have been very successful to-date."