Kevin Dennehy
Vice President, Professional Services

Kevin has over 30 years of manufacturing management and ERP experience. His ability to speak at all levels of the organization has carried him and his philosophies well over the years.  Kevin’s implementation methodology supports both Jeff Glaze and Jeff O’Brien in ensuring that the customer is happy, successful, and a reference for EpiCenter.

Working with a customer as they start their journey in the sales process all the way through Go-Live and beyond is very satisfying as I get to share in their success.

Kevin Dennehy - EpiCenter

Kevin’s background is in manufacturing where he spent his pre ERP days in both the chemical etching and injection molding industries.  He worked his way up from Production Control Manager to Manufacturing Manager to eventually Materials Manager prior to ERP.  During that time, Kevin had an opportunity to lead an ERP implementation, and he loved that project. As a result, he had the itch to continue in that type of role. This is what drew him to working at Epicor where he joined as a manufacturing consultant in 2007.

After spending 5 years at Epicor, and with a solid understanding of the product, Kevin decided to join EpiCenter, an Epicor Authorized Partner, in 2011.  Kevin worked his way from consultant to senior consultant, to managing consultant, Sr. Director of Professional Services, and to his current position of Vice President, Professional Services.

“Working at EpiCenter for the past 10 years has been a truly rewarding experience as we really are a tight knit family.  Everyone works hard to help each other succeed on behalf of the customer. We all have each other’s backs.”

EpiCenter recently celebrated its 150th Go-Live.  “I take great pride in every Go-Live, and with each completion, I get hungrier for the next.” he added.

Kevin lives in Southeastern Massachusetts with his wife, Carla.  He has 4 children all over the age of 20 and moving in different directions.  He is a devout New England Patriot fan and season ticket holder for over 30 years.  He and Carla both enjoy vacationing in the Caribbean.

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