Support Center

Increase your end users’ productivity by getting answers faster. End users frequently have day-to-day questions on how-to tasks within Epicor ERP. Instead of researching these questions and wasting valuable resource time, call EpiCenter to provide your end user community with quick issue resolutions, open communication, and support through the process of diagnosing and addressing complex issues.

How It Works

  1. The Support Center gets set up using a ticket method through EpiCenter’s internal ConnectWise (CW) system. The customer contacts Support Center by either calling us or sending an email to the email you receive when you sign up for support center.
  2. Once the issue has been communicated, our ticketing system will add the information to a new ticket. The ticket is used as a tracking device between the customer and Support Center. It will track all communication; email threads, documentation, and any time or expense entries that will be used to solve the problem.
  3. As soon as the ticket has been created, Support Center personnel will look into the issue using a variety of resources and begin to resolve the problem.
  4. Support Center will contact the customer for any additional information that may be needed and have continuous communication throughout.