ERP Performance Tuning and Audit

Optimize your ERP environment workload starting today!

ERP systems should be doing hard work and provide stability for your business – your business should not be working hard to keep the ERP system working.

EpiCenter ERP Performance Tuning and Audit will optimize your environment to the highest standards, best practices, and analysis to achieve the best performance and stability.

Our proven methodology includes:

  • Advanced Environment Configurations

  • Database Optimization (Microsoft SQL or OpenEdge Progress)

    • IO and Disk Performance

    • Database fragmentation and maintenance

    • Maintenance Solutions for Index Rebuilds, Backups, and Integrity Checks

    • RDBMS Optimization and Right Sizing

  • Epicor ERP Transaction Analysis (often exposing bottlenecks in logic and customization)

  • Performance Delta Analysis – Improvements Before and After Optimization

  • Virtualization Review and Recommendation

  • Operating System and Server Optimization

  • Epicor ERP AppServer Optimization

  • Epicor ERP Client Configuration Optimization

  • Epicor ERP Performance Diagnostics and Analysis – Including Impact of Customization

  • Server and General Network Analysis

  • Data Cleanup (logs, temporary data, single use files, working storage)


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