Epicor’s Flexible Methods of Manufacturing

04 Apr Epicor’s Flexible Methods of Manufacturing

In Epicor, the method of manufacturing is the bill (or list) of operations, and the bill of materials. [A MOM = BOO + BOM.] One of the unique features of Epicor is its flexibility in making and re-using a manufacturing method. Unlike other ERP software, Epicor allows three ways to engineer, save, and use a method: from a quote, from a part method or revision, or from a job. This flexibility allows you to develop manufacturing methods that suit your business flow.

Quote Method. In an Engineer-to-Order environment, where each part is unique or is made one time, the time and effort you put into your quote to develop the manufacturing steps and the materials you want to use, can be moved to the manufacturing job. When you have completed the method, you mark the line as “engineered.” You can move (push or pull) the quote line to the order and create the job from the order. The resulting job can have the quote’s method of manufacturing. You can also mark the quote method as a template, and pull that method into another quote, a part revision, or a job. Material Resource Planning (MRP) has a feature that allows quote methods to be pulled into jobs.

Part Method. Epicor has an Engineering Workbench where the part revision’s method–its operations and materials–are developed. The Engineering Workbench has workflow that allows for controlled release of the revision. The approved part method can be pulled into a job manually or created on the job when MRP is run. With the Engineering Module license, you may have many part revisions.

Job Method. Epicor allows jobs to be marked as templates. When a job is marked as a template, its method can be used to create another method for a job, for a part revision, or for a quote line. If you have a need for a template job in your business process, you may use this feature to quickly set up jobs. The template job feature is often used in conjunction with the Service and Maintenance modules to create maintenance or service jobs.