What We Do

Epicor Implementation

If you are new to ERP software we offer our implementation service to get your new ERP software installed and up and running without any hassles.

Migration Services

With years of experience, we offer migration services to move you from any other ERP software to Epicor, making the process as smooth as possible.

Upgrade Services

We offer upgrade services to bring you from older versions of Epicor like Vantage and Epicor 9.05 to the new and improved versions that are available today.

Join us on Thursday, July 16 from 12-1PM EST to learn about Multiple Business Activity Queries (BAQ).

We care ABOUT your comfort

an immense amount of service and work done by high-class experts using the latest technologies.

We guarantee exceptional quality of work and speed of fulfillment. We always stand for doing our job quickly and at the highest level as we understand people value their time and money. No worries about delays or unfinished work – it’s our warranty policy!

Epicor Implementation

To make successful implementations happen, we call upon our years of expertise and we mirror Epicor ERP’s five stage signature implementation methodology. This allows EpiCenter to deploy your Epicor ERP solution at all sites, regardless of geographic location.

The 5 stages of Signature Methodology are critical to a successful business transformation:

Decisions made during the implementation process have global system implications. This means that a change in one particular area of the system doesn’t necessarily affect only that one area. Adhering to the Signature Methodology ensures we don’t encounter unintended consequences.

When all is said and done, in order to have a successful implementation, you need to have the right people guiding you; that’s where we come in. Our staff of experts has experienced and overcame the difficult challenges that an ERP system implementation can render.

Our number one goal is always that you, our customer, is as prepared as you can possibly be at the time of “going live.”

Epicor Migration

Are you stuck on Epicor 9, Vantage 6.1, Vantage 8.0, Vantage 8.03, or iSolutions and are in need of a migration to Epicor ERP 10? We can get you there. It may seem like a herculean task, but migration and implementation is oftentimes not as hard as you may think; you just need to stay organized and on-task, which is where we come in.

If your organization is a candidate for migration to Epicor ERP 10 from any previous version of Vantage, keep in mind that updating your system will have a tremendous positive effect on your company.

The advantage of staying up to date with the latest version of Epicor ERP is that you will consistently maintain the most efficient ways of conducting your business as time goes on. Whether your company manufactures products for the government requiring in-depth traceability, medical devices requiring absolute precision, or if you’re a hospitality firm that needs to track rent, a migration to Epicor ERP 10 is the way to take your business to the next level.

Epicor Upgrade

We fully understand the white papers that are mailed in conjunction with the patches sent out by Epicor for fixes to the system and we understand how it impacts your system. Oftentimes issues may go unnoticed at first. For example, it may not be until month-end close when you don’t get the reports you expect, that you realize an upgrade created a problem. We can prevent this confusion by analyzing the upgrade first to show you how it will influence your system and your business.

If you’re migrating from an older version to the most current version of Epicor, we would love to assist you.

If you need help with data conversion, application training, or any other issue, we can tell you what’s going on with your current version, where the new version will take you, and how it’s going to change your system.

We’ll inform you of what you need to change, how the information is different, and any other details you require before you jump in head first.