Epicor Scheduling Impact Report

01 Mar Epicor Scheduling Impact Report

You have visibility to shippable revenue when you experience a customer or internal change in your production schedule. Epicor has an out-of-the-box report, the Schedule Impact Report, which can help you evaluate the bottom line when you modify your production schedule.

You provide some basic information and setup. On your Company Configuration, you provide a Change Impact Price List for your finished goods. The Schedule Impact Report uses these prices to compute the value of job demand not related to order releases.

You then create what-if schedules to evaluate for impact.

The report has several options. You can display the number of jobs early, late, or on-time, and the changes in these numbers to the current job schedule. You can view the result at a summary or at a detailed level, by job to see the current and proposed what-if results.

The Schedule Impact Report shows the revenue resulting from early, on-time, and late jobs for both actual and what-if job schedules. The report helps you leverage your resources for maximum effectiveness.