Epicor ERP System Design Development & Managed Services

Managed Services Special! See how EpiCenter can help your business optimize, administer, maintain, troubleshoot, and monitor your on-Premise or hosted Epicor Kinetic/ERP with our “Epicor Managed Services”. Sign up now through February 28 (for 24 months) and receive the first month free!

We monitor your systems and business processes

With EpiCenter ERP system Managed Services, we are a partnership that absorbs the day-to-day performance tuning, configuration, administration, maintenance, troubleshooting, and monitoring for all Epicor ERP components at the Operating System and SQL Server levels to ensure the ERP system is running optimally with minimized down time.

EpiCenter will become your System Administrator and primary resource for all things related to your Epicor Kinetic ERP infrastructure, saving you the expense of full time staff, benefits, and training costs.

EpiCenter’s Advanced Technical Solutions team are your Epicor Kinetic ERP information system experts. EpiCenter has assisted many customers with ERP system design development and architecture, installations, performance tuning, and troubleshooting, from Vantage 8.03 to the latest Epicor Kinetic version.

Add EpiCenter to your team and take advantage of decades of experience and expertise!

Services include:

  • Transparent SLO and Performance Dashboards
  • ERP Transaction Performance Monitoring
  • Active ERP User Tracking
  • Customizable Monitoring and Alerting.
  • 20%* Discount on ERP Upgrades
  • ERP Updates/Patches
  • ERP Administration
  • Database and RDBMS Administration
  • Troubleshooting and Support
  • Emergency and On Call Availability Options

ERP system Managed Services are available as a fixed fee and cost-plus models to fit any budget.

Assurance of Quality

When you are under contract for our Epicor ERP system managed services, we combine our utilization of automated systems that notify us of irregularities with our knowledge of Epicor.  For instance, if MRP is taking 30% longer to run, it may not be a server or operating system. It may be a setting change in the process.  Our unique understanding of both the systems and application software makes our ERP system Managed Services offering unique.

Customized Service

There are multiple ways Epicor software can be deployed. Your installation and implementation have many settings and licenses that make every Epicor deployment one of a kind. Our deep knowledge of the hardware and software requirements and deployment methodology make us unique in our ability to service all Epicor customers.


To hire a Systems Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Telecommunications and Security Specialist, and Software Consultant would cost you substantially more than outsourcing your needs to us. We monitor your system 24×7 so your staff can focus more on core business issues.

Software Management

Using the art, science, and discipline of project management, EpiCenter will manage the back end of your Epicor ERP system. Our services include planning, installation, configuration, monitoring, and much more. We maintain and control all aspects to ensure maximum efficiency.


EpiCenter monitors resource allocation and transactional statuses to detect performance issues in the your Epicor ERP system. This is a unique capability as EpiCenter will look at the system’s performance, such as monitoring how long MRP takes on a daily basis.  Most remote monitoring only looks at CP and disk usage. If there is a lag in performance, we want to find out why.  It could be hardware, settings, timing, or new conflicts with BPM’s to name a few. 

  • On-demand system visibility through resources monitoring 
  • Organize system events and resources to improve visibility and enhance troubleshooting 
  • Expedite root cause analysis and defect discovery 
  • Proactively improve performance
  • Improve identification and analysis of relevant logs 
  • Minimize downtime

Database Management And Administration

EpiCenter is responsible for understanding customer utilization, management, and overall administration of your database environment to ensure efficient performance.

  • Sizing 
  • Design
  • Deployment
  • Performance tuning and behavioral analysis 
  • Monitor locks, blocks, active connections, batch requests
  • Resource utilization
  • Troubleshooting
  • Scaling backups
  • General hygiene such as index maintenance and integrity checks 

Capacity Management

Cost-effectively, EpiCenter will analyze the load and scalability of information systems and resources to ensure your capacity meets your current and future business needs.  Capacity management processes include planning, monitoring, evaluating, controlling, budgeting, and implementing for uninterrupted and responsive service delivery.

Epicor Upgrades And Service Packs

Our Epicor-Certified Hosting offers a discount to its customers to help keep them up to date. Installation of Epicor Kinetic ERP software releases, major and minor service packs, configuration, and update support will be estimated at a discount. Epicor patches are included at no additional cost.  Customization uplifts, analysis, and validation are not included in the discount as customer requirements vary.

Automation And Tooling

Epicor Status And Recovery

  • Validates logon connectivity
  • Validates and tracks GetKeepIdleRowTime (Heartbeat)
  • Conditionally restarts and repairs Appserver and TaskAgent services

Epicor User Count Telemetry

  • Counts number of active Epicor users over time

Epicor Transaction Log Analysis, In Realtime

  • Performance and usage trends based on Epicor transactions
  • Seven-day retention or longer at additional cost
  • Monitors conditional alerts based on key transactions

Remote Endpoint Connectivity Monitoring

  • Alerts for network segment disconnects and anomalous response time
  • Connectivity and response time trending
  • Enhances event relationships and speeds troubleshooting
  • Isolate issues to specific location
  • Utilizes switches, workstations, printers, or IP gateways 
  • Anything that can be targeted that yields a measurable response 

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Your ERP system runs your entire business; so, you want to make sure that your ERP system design development has been structured to meet your growing needs. Contact us today to get started on your ERP system managed services and start thinking more about your business and less about your business software.


Epicor Certified Managed Hosting
Epicor Certified Managed Hosting

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