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At EpiCenter, we realize that no two industries or businesses are alike. Our expertise, combined with Epicor Kinetic’s robust ERP system, will ensure that your new or upgraded ERP software meets your needs.  

After years of experience, we truly believe that Epicor is the best ERP software solution for many industries, but here’s an example of where Epicor truly reached for the stars!

Check out just a few of these other industries in which our experienced staff has participated:

Whether you are a startup or an established company searching for an easy compliance solution, EpiCenter is proud to present our EpiMed solution. This module has industry specific functionality designed for the various areas of health sciences. Our extensive industry experience can help guide you through the maze of compliance challenges as well as meet your general business requirements. Track all aspects of production, including lot numbers, serialization and quality assurance. Whether it is a grant compliance, traceability management or continuous improvement, this package may be everything you need.
Epicor for Medical Device Manufacturing
Epicor started in this environment and is extremely well suited to manage a business with custom contracts. Discrete orders can be handled with a one-to-one or many-to-one relationships to production jobs. For more complex projects, use Epicor’s Project Management Module to schedule multiple jobs together, calculate incremental billing and revenue recognition. Using Epicor’s MES Shop Floor interface, labor and material transactions are reported real time.
EpiCenter's custom development
Many of our customers participate in various tiers of these industries. We are familiar with complex manufacturing processes, multi-level BOM’s, multi-year contracts, regulatory requirements, flow down just to name a few. Epicor has deep functionality and the ability to change the business logic without touching the source code. This allows us to customize the product, allowing you to upgrade easily when necessary.
Epicor Aerospace and Defense Solutions
Heavy transactional data results from complex assemblies and ever-changing delivery dates that result in the need for complete integrated control of your manufacturing processes. Throw in your quality assurance requirements (PPAP, APQP, etc.). You will need a system that can handle these requirements, as well as on time delivery visibility, accurate costing and general ledger posting. Epicor can control an unlimited number of parts, operations, materials and transactions while tracking real-time cost data for every job. Whether you are on Tier 1, 2, or 3, we can help.
Epicor Automotive Manufacturing Solutions

The challenges of what we call ‘dimensional inventory’ are many, and Epicor’s ability to handle units of measure allows materials to be bought by the pound, inventoried by the cubic foot, and sold by the square inch.  The only way these kinds of industries can control inventory, manage lot traceability and offcuts, and ensure stock is on hand at the right time, is with a system that controls all of these variables.  Epicor is uniquely suited to be very flexible and solve these kinds of issues while properly controlling cost, and rolling this information into our robust accounting modules for proper analysis.

Epicor Molding and Manufacturing Solutions
We understand there are unique entrepreneurs who have built a business out of an idea. These people instinctively know how to distinguish themselves from their competition. As a business grows and matures, so does your software needs. Do you know the profitability of every customer and every part? If the answer to your question is ‘no’, then you need to call us. We have manufacturing engineers on staff who have been to hundreds of businesses like yours and can help you meet your goals by helping to answer questions like this.

Do I know the profitability of every customer and every part?

If your answer to this question is ‘no’, you need to call us. We have manufacturing engineers who have been in hundreds of shops and can help you meet your goals by helping you answer questions like this.

Other Manufacturing Solutions for Epicor

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