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If you’ve spent some time on our website or spoken with us in person, you can probably tell that we love to solve challenging problems for manufacturing companies through our manufacturing ERP software and systems.

For example, we once had a challenge from an enzyme maker. Enzymes are made from formulas, and the raw materials are combined to go through a multi-day process to grow the enzymes. However, when the process is complete, both the physical quantity and the enzyme concentration can vary yet need to be cataloged into inventory and then recalculated to properly combine with other enzymes for final dispensing. Epicor Kinetic can handle all that – completely unpredictable production variances, and by the way, with also calculating accurate costing too. 

If your company doesn’t fall into a defined industry, give us a try. We have thousands of experiences in hundreds of companies where we have handled these kinds of challenges. These are our most challenging yet fun places to prove Epicor Kinetic’s manufacturing ERP systems & software can shine anywhere!

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Hopefully, you have a very intriguing requirement for our manufacturing ERP systems & software to tackle! Please contact us below and give us an example of the kind of production challenges you have. We promise that if you try us, you’ll like the results. Our team can help you with a variety of Epicor services as well as custom development!


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